Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

For Thanksgiving, my whole family went to Pinetop. It was fun to all be under one roof and spend time together. Some of my favorite memories include:

*the perfect Thanksgiving meal my mom put together
*listening to the kids play a different version of spin the bottle
*snuggling up in the cabin
*eating Thanksgiving leftovers for about 4 meals in a row
*laying on the hammock with Russ
*seeing Dan, Raine, and her family
*Auburn's chex mix snack - mmmm sounds good right now!
*Suzanne's pumpkin bars
*Alisse's green bean casserole
*discovering "FaceGoo" on Russ's phone - lots of laughs!
*the name game
*stopping at El Rey on the way home - fatty town!
*shooting guns and blasting Christmas music the whole time
(that's the only time I got my camera out...obviously!)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Blog

Starting a new chapter in life means starting a new blog. Russ & I were married December 3, 2009.

I have a lot to update, but for now - this is our new family...We are loving life!