Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January happenings

Kaitlyn came downstairs one night and said "I'm Kim Kardashian" hahaha ... Russ called her "Kaitlyn Kardashian" - she could be a Kardashian sister with her 'K' name!

Later that night she came in ready for bed in her nightgown and Russ said "Oh I have the perfect song for you"... next thing you know... "I've never seen you lookin so lovely as you do tonight"(Lady in Red) ... I was dying!! 

When the kids had Martin Luther King Day off of school, we made a trip to Skateland with my sisters and their kids. We got some good pics:

I was glad to start babysitting Lucy again when Alisse resumed working with the new school semester. She wouldn't leave me alone in the shower. This is what she looked like the whole time I was in there, and stayed that way even after the shower was off and I was getting dry. I was LOL about her wet hair!

I don't know why I love sleeping pictures. Noah has been spending lots of time in my bed lately with Russ being out of town for work. On one hand I love having him to cuddle but on the other hand, his snoring is just as bad or worse than most MEN! I'm always excited to have Russ back in town - I sleep much better.

 I walked around with Noah's class for field day and showed up to eat lunch with him one day too. He loves to have me at school with him and loves it even more when I bring Lucy along.

New Year's Eve

This year for New Year's Eve we invited the Sherwood family over to play games, hang out, and eat junk. The kids got CRAZY and dressed up in the most random things...

Lucy was classic. No pants - she was such an orphan (but a cute one)!

The kids played some games, like Guess Who & Memory...

...and the adults played some rounds of Compatability. So fun!

Russ and I are definatly compatible! We think so much alike.

At midnight we went outside and made some noise...

We're counting on 2012 being a great year for our family!

December Snow Trip

A few days after Christmas, we took a trip to the Riggs cabin in Pinetop along with the Baldwins. The day after driving up, Alisse & Scott, and Russ, Tayler, & Kaitlyn went to Sunrise. The adults snowboarded and the girls went skiing. I stayed at the cabin with Noah, Sophie, and Lucy. We had our own fun at the cabin - watching movies, playing UNO, and being entertained by Lucy.

Sophie and Noah were the best helpers with Lucy. They bribed her and were able to make her eat lunch when I couldn't, they checked her diaper throughout the day, Sophie took it upon herself to blow her nose, and they made sure to keep her happy all day long. It was funny and cute to watch them be babysitters.

Russ took a few pictures and videos of their experience at Sunrise and the girls did good skiing and had fun. Alisse fell and broke her wrist pretty early in the day so it wasn't so fun for her. It was de ja vu of my experience a few years ago!

The next day, we took our kids and found a place to go sledding. It was surprisingly kind of hot outside even though there was snow on the ground! That's my kind of snow day!