Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April pictures

Up first: Kaitlyn had been saving up for over a year to buy herself an ipod touch.  The day finally came that she had enough money so we took a trip to Target...
I loved the womanly purse she was carrying around with her money inside!

She was SO happy and so were we as we watched. She's good about setting a goal and following through with it. And... she has been LOVING her ipod touch ever since!

We participated in Pat's Run again this year. This picture below shows the lines for the portable toilets! CRAZY!!
Sooo many people were there to race. We stood in line with corral #17 and I think there were at least 30 corrals. And we waited around 30 minutes or so to start the race. Some people fnished before we even crossed the start line!

Suzane, Russ and I started the race together.

After the race... we were not only exhausted from running but from the heat. It was so hot outside that day!

I missed my goal time by 2 minutes. So disappointing! Suzanne and I stayed together the whole time but with less than 1 mile to go I had to slow down. It was either keep up and pee my pants, or slow down and concentrate on holding it in! (TMI)  Had I stayed with Suzanne - I would have met my goal, dangit! And the funny thing is that I didn't even have the urge to go after the race was over. Something about running when you're in your 30's is just different than it used to be! :(

This was a touching moment... we saw this double amputee veteren walk thru the finish line.

Ellie, Noah, and Kaitlyn ran in the kids' race. Here they are before starting - each standing in line with their age group.

After the race... I hadn't noticed Ellie's running shoes (Toms) until I saw this picture!

Lance ran with the kids... go Devils!

Since we hadn't taken enough pictures already...

I think everyone had fun that day. There were fun activities for the kids and a lot of free food and other things we scored!

Later in the day after Pat's Run, we went to the dance festival that the youth in our stake and 3 others put on. It was fun to watch. Kaitlyn looked so cute that night - she put on some fake nails (one of the free treats from Pat's Run), she put on make up, she wore her new outfit from Grandma Price, and we styled her hair after a picture she found online somewhere! She was too cute to not get some pictures!

Last - I have gotten back in to making friendship bracelets! It's been over 20 years since I last made any. Alisse and I are the leaders for the 9-year-old Activity Day girls in our ward and we taught them how to make the line pattern. I figured out another pattern as well and I'm looking forward to making more!

Here are some of our girls making their bracelets. We have cute, nice girls and this has been a fun calling!