Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, November 11, 2013

October 2013

We stayed busy all month during October, as evidenced by pictures...

Dad & Abby watching Baby Einstein

Abby getting ready for a ride in our new jogging stroller!

Mom and Noah tried to scare Abby at the Halloween store... she didn't care too much about the pop-up spiders!

We received Abby's Halloween costume in the mail and tried it on her that day. I think she knew she looked cute!

During fall break, we went to Vertuccio Farms with Grandma Vicki, Alisse, and some cousins. Noah had lots of fun, but Abby wasn't too sure about the train ride...

This might be the cutest picture I've ever taken!

Noah received a few awards at this last pack meeting as a WOLF cub!

Abby's shoes... the cutest! Made by Aunt Christy.

Noah turned 9 on the 21st. He requested eggs for breakfast, and then made an egg sandwich.

He got to open (more like FIND) one present in the morning before going to school. He was so excited about his new bike!

Noah hasn't had a working bike in over a year, so he wasn't the only one excited about his present. We are all excited to start doing some more bike rides together.

Noah wanted Krispy Kreme doughnuts for his class treats so that's what we did. His class sang him a silly birthday song and his teacher made a big deal about his birthday :)

Instead of doing a party, I told Noah he could invite 4 friends to go do something after school on his birthday (because 4 was all I had room for in my car)! He chose to go to the new indoor batting cages. The boys enjoyed some shaved ice from Water-N-Ice before going in to the batting cages. It was a lot of fun!

Noah finished up his flag football season with the Steelers during October.

At the neighborhood trunk-or-treat:

Too cool!

We also celebrated Sophie's birthday in October! She turned 9 on the 29th and we got to celebrate on her actual birthday! She chose to eat dinner at Fuddruckers, so we did that and then came back home to open presents.

Her little stuffed animal was her favorite of all her birthday gifts. haha

Abby likes to think that she contributes to the pretty sounds dad makes when he plays his guitar!

Lucy, Abby, and Roxy at Grandma & Poppy's neighborhood Halloween party

We spent Halloween night at Grandma & Poppy's house, trick-or-treating and passing out candy.

It was fun to be with cousins on Halloween! Ellie was Dorothy; Davis was Peter Pan; Abby was a peacock; Noah was Cole (a ninjago warrior); and Lucy was Tinkerbell!

You can see Charlie is dressed up as a lion in this picture! He was part of his family's Wizard of Oz theme this year! haha

Davis made the cutest Peter Pan and seemed so big on Halloween.

I used Ellie's peacock mask and feathers from her old costume - to match my sweet little baby peacock, just for a picture!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

California Girls' Trip

We got to go to California in October with the {adult} girls in the Riggs family, plus a few babies! Alma was so nice to let us all stay at her house.

So funny to watch Auburn and Patsy watching youtube together!

Abby loved being outside a lot during our trip!

Morning jog with most of my sisters, plus Krista. The sisters' final destination was Citi Donut. Surprise surprise!

It was so fun to have Danielle with us for the first time!

Abby and I didn't join the others on the beach but these pictures are too good not to post! This is Sheri pushing Grandma out to "lay out" with some of the other girls!

Grandma treated us all to a nice Mexican dinner.

Auburn "took us to the candy shop"!

We started a new tradition of a "favorite things" gift exchange. It was fun to see what everyone's favorite things are.

The 2013 group. We were missing several cousins and a few aunts.

Me, Suz, and Auburn shared a bed. I was glad to be back in my own bed after this trip!

It looks like Davis was excited for the slumber party - Abby, not so much!

One thing I love about vacationing with my family is that someone else can style my hair. Suzanne is usually the one that gets to do it!

OC Swap Meet

We picked up some cute glasses for Abby...

...and Davis too!

This was the view from the 3rd row in the car...

...and this was Abby & Davis's view from the second row. These girls were taking pictures and texting them to me in the front seat! 

Beach babies!!

Could Davis's smile be any bigger?!!

We of course took a trip to Balboa for some treats one night :)

It was fun to have these sweet babies with us this year. They were both happy for the most part and loved to have all their aunts and grandma around all day, every day!