Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, October 31, 2011

October so far

October happenings:

During Fall Break I took Noah, Ellie, Riggs, & Jax to Skateland.

It was funny to see that Skateland hasn't changed at all since I was a kid - they still do the hokie pokie, they still play the GHOSTBUSTERS song, and they still have the black-out skate. Oh yeah, and it still smells the same and feels so GERMY!!

 Watching Noah try to skate was de ja vu from when we went ice skating once - he kept felling and getting mad and wanted to give up. So I forked out an extra $5 to make things a little easier for him...

Noah turned 7 on October 21 and we started the day out at Krispie Kreme. That was actually the only stop we made for free birthday food, but my birthday is coming up and I will be hitting up as many places as possible!

 Noah chose PF Chang's for his birthday dinner. We went there on Russ's birthday and he's been talking about going back for about 6 months. His wish came true and he got a mini birthday dessert.

This is just a random picture of Noah and Sophie in some dress-up clothes. Noah has grown a lot since last Halloween!

We celebrated Noah & Sophie's birthdays at my parents' house on Sunday between their birthdays. We sometimes call them our "twins" since they are just 8 days apart in age.

Lucy wanted Noah's Sparky pillow-pet for herself. I love the second picture of her cuddling it!

A few days after our combined "birthday party", we celebrated Sophie's 7th birthday with just our family...

She chose Red Robin for her birthday dinner....

 ... and she was so happy when the waiter brought ice cream!

Last of all, I was able to start watching Lucy again and I love my morning once a week with her. Here she is in her mama's car, looking cute and stylish in her sunglasses.