Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Weekend

A few weeks ago we started the weekend off at the ASU women's gymnastic meet - Russ's sister Callie is on the team. It was really fun to watch and the kids had a celebrity sighting...

Sunday morning, the 13th - we celebrated Valentines Day with our kids. They are all straight out of bed to open a few treats and enjoy a PINK breakfast in these pictures...

That night, my family celebrated with a Progressive dinner. We started out at our house with appetizers then moved on to Alisse's. After those 2 stops, I forgot to take pictures. Oh well!

And then on the real day... February 14th - Russ got off work early and took me to Oreganos! It was a fun day, I love all my Valentines so much ~ my husband, kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandparents, and in-laws!  
♥ ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

San Diego get-away

Last weekend Russ & I took a 2nd honeymoon / early Valentines trip back to the same place where we went for our honeymoon... the first time - San Diego! We had so much fun the first time so I was SO excited to go back! 

We took our bikes with us and never even used our car except for the travel from AZ & back home.

Russ was dreamin BIG every time he stopped to watch the boats.

That's the hotel we stayed in... we got a good deal, it was nice...

... and we had a great view!

Russ dreaming again... videoing the boats pulling in & out of the harbor (I'm not sure what we'll ever do with that video!!)

One day, we took a ferry over to Coronado Island and rode our bikes all around the town. I loved it! Now I was the dreamer - I took pictures of all these houses for my inspiration "someday"!

 We were looking for a treat when we came across this cupcakery at Cornado Island. Perfect I thought! The cupcakes actually weren't great and the italian soda was gross. I was wanting a Sprinkles cupcake after that.

My favorite part about the trip was just being with Russ & having him all to myself - we have so much fun together.

Dangit... I uploaded this picture sideways - anyway, it's a picture of the Gaslamp Quarter. It's a really fun place with good eats, shopping, and a fun atmosphere!

Oops - another sideways pic! Russ & I found a geo cache. It was a pretty well hidden one and tiny! 

This little tiny slip of paper was the "log book" we found inside the tiny little magnetic container.

I'm wanting to plan another "just us" getaway already! The weekend went by WAY too fast!

I LOVE my valentine!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabin Trip

 A few weekends ago we took a trip to the Riggs Pinetop Cabin with most of my family. It was a great weekend... relaxing & fun.

We took a few hikes throughout the weekend to GEO CACHE! Russ & I have done a few of these at home & on vacations... nerdy but fun!!

Here is Russ finding the first geo cache

The kids couldn't beleive that we actually found a little "treasure" in the woods.

On the hike, Noah tripped and hurt his knee. Sweet Ellie was being his nurse & massaging it for him. I love the little relationship they have!

What a romantic look on Russ's face!

Self-timer pics are so funny!

Russ & Ellie... holding hands cuz they are "birthday buddies"
 ("Ellie, I'm a happily married man"...)

Jaxen & Kaitlyn - best buds when they get together

Sophie wore pajamas the whole weekend...

The kids entertained themselves and kept busy the whole weekend... even if it was inside playing DS games.

Us girls played shang-hai ... a MUST at the cabin!

We were gone from home for only 48 hours - but don't worry we brought plenty of junk in case we got snowed in!

Roxy just bein cute...

The boys (& Elle) hanging out upstairs.. watching the History channel I'm sure (BOR-ING!)

What's not boring though... is just sitting & staring at Lucy. She's so much fun right now.

We'll just say that Sophie "forgot" everything at home. I packed these jammies for her so that's basically all she had. Luckily when it was time to go to dinner one night, we had these snow bibs to "dress her up in" LOL!!

We had fun with the mirrors... obviously... some things never get old!

Noah & Kaitlyn got some last-minute sledding in before we headed home...

... and we got one last geo-caching adventure in too... this one we almost gave up on before finding it. It's amazing that this one was hidden back in 2005 - so many people had signed the log book before us - the first ones were named "The Price Family" - pretty cool!

We missed having Bryan, Auburn, Brad, & Tayler with us - but had a great time at the cabin!