Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, May 9, 2016

April 2016

Abby LOVES shopping at Trader Joes - even though we hardly ever go We need to more - she loves the carts that are just her size!

Suzanne and I worked out at the park a few times while the weather was nice and Abby had fun chasing Charlie and Sadie. And also riding her bike!

Since when is Abby old enough to climb up into the tree house by herself??!! SCARY!

On Conference Saturday - Noah, Sophie, and Abby built a fort and hung out in it while eating snacks and listening to the talks!

Cute matching sisters!

While the dads were at Priesthood, the moms and kids went out to eat and had fun with Ellie's "Face swap" app. Some of the results were pretty scary - always funny - and it continued the next day with some of the dads that weren't with us the night before!

Noah & Shalae

Auburn & Shalae

Noah & Grandma

Suzanne & Noah

Auburn & Suzanne

Abby & Davis

Ellie & Grandma

Ellie & Noah

 Suzanne & Noah

Jax & Noah

Ellie & Noah (again)

Noah & Ellie (and again)

Suzanne & Grandma

Sophie & Lucy

Russ & Shalae

Grandma & Poppy

Noah & Russ

Cute sleeping pictures of Abby...

...and this is how we found Noah and Abby one night when we got home from a date!
 Russ, Noah, Sophie, and Abby hanging out outside while the weather was nice!

Abby doing her doll ("Dana")'s hair

I had to snap this pic of Russ and Noah holding hands hahaha! I think it might have been against Noah's will!

Abby looked so cute in this hat... until she turned it around and wore it like this. haha!!!

 Abby & Davis at his birthday party!

Abby and I had a random lunch this day, at 2:30 in the afternoon: chips & guac, and apples & cookie butter. YUM!

Abby is into different hairstyles lately and really felt like a princess this day when I did the "fancy" braid in her hair!

We did a "human battleship" night at mutual with water balloons at the park. The youth had fun and I just enjoyed the perfect weather!

Abby is finishing up this semester of dance and getting ready for her recital, where she'll do a tap dance to "Beautiful Doll". She looked adorable on picture day...

She loves having her BFF Kozie in her dance class and they are so cute together.

It became a tradition to head to the park after dance class on Thursdays and have a picnic with Kozie then play for a little bit. Here are the cute girls after picture day (which explains why they had makeup and cute hair)!

They are the cutest little friends!

It's a hard life when you hang out in your pajama top and pull up, and watch clips on Dad's ipad all day long!

Brad & Danielle's twin babies were born on April 29th! This was the first picture we received of them after they were born, and we knew right away that Ivy was the petite baby and Clark was the chunk that took all the food! Really, his head is just way more round than her's! Ivy weighed 5lbs 8oz, and Clark weighed 5lbs 15oz - so not a big difference between the two of them. 

They are such cute little babies and I'm so excited to be an aunt to twins!

Noah got to go to a Diamondbacks game with Nathan Graff and Stephen Rapier - he had a great time!