Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

About 6 months ago we had a family home evening lesson based on a talk given by our prophet.
We talked to the kids about service, being nice, being helpful, being peacemakers, etc. The talk by President Monson gave us the idea to fill a big jar of warm fuzzies - each one representing something nice done by our family members that should make them feel good inside. Somehow, the 'warm fuzzies' were renamed to 'PUFFLES'.

The green puffles are Tayler's, the purple Kaitlyn's, the blue Noah's, and the pink Sophie's. The orange represent our whole family working as a team.
We promised the kids a REALLY fun vacation that they could help us plan - if all of them had their puffles inside the big jar (and out of their own individual jars) by a certain time. And... the person with all their puffles out of the little jar first would receive a special treat.

Well, Kaitlyn is officially the nicest, helpful, & most thoughtful kid we have!! Her puffles have been empty for 2 weeks now... and the others still have a little more to go. Tayler is pretty close but some certain 5-year-olds need some help! We're trying to create many opportunities for them to earn puffles and we really hope they get to go on the vacation with us! ;)

So for Kaitlyn's special treat - we took her out by herself one night & let her pick where to go. I straightened her hair (her favorite) and she looked so cute!
She chose Texas Roadhouse...
... she wanted ribs!

It was fun to spoil her!

She was all about taking pics to document our night!
Afterward she picked Bahama Bucks for dessert... yummy!!

I'm so proud of Kaitlyn. From the very beginning I knew she'd probably be the winner. She tried so hard to please us, to be a peacemaker, to always ask what she could do to help around the house, and more! I'm excited that she'll be joining us on vacation!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This past weekend we tagged along on a lake trip at the last minute - and had so much fun!

It was Noah's first lake experience.

Russ's partners invited us - some of them happen to be my cousins, so here's Noah with his second-cousins, Jack & Lilly.

Tube rides are always fun! Even little Charlotte loved it - she kept saying "faster"!

Noah & Jack loved jumping from the boat, into the tube, then in the water.... over and over and over!

And Russ was king for the day.

I'm ready to go back!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cute Cute Cute!!!

I just added some new aprons to our site ... check them out here.

This one is for sure my favorite... I love everything about it!
I know I don't need it but it would be fun to have an apron collection! 
There are matching oven mitts or "pot-mitts" that coordinate with all the aprons too.

I love this one too... cute how it almost looks like a dress - and the flower tops it off.

How cute is this lollipop Christmas apron - yes it's just one apron, you can take the top part off to make it just a half apron if you want.

and... these are both really cute too!

(I've already been told that I over-use the word CUTE.)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Noah on his first day of school - so handsome!
He was so excited to use his new backpack & lunch box, and wear his new shoes.
As the class was walking in to the school, he kept looking back. I was a little worried until he turned the corner and looked back one last time with a smile on his face. Then he blew me a kiss. He can be so sweet sometimes (but not always)!
Grandma Vicki & "Mama Suz" were there for his first day. Then Russ was there for the second day, and on the third day (since I had the day off work and had time to walk back home) - he rode his bike. Every day has been something fun for him!
I'm relieved that Noah likes school so far & looks forward to going back each day. The best part is that I get to drop him off & pick him up every day (that didn't happen last year). I've looked forward to being able to do that for a long time & since I do now I feel like my life is pretty perfect!

Summer 2010

Catching up on our events of the summer...

Noah lost his first tooth & then another the next morning.
The new ones growing in are pretty scary!

My sisters & I took our kids to Brimhall pool & Noah did the high-dive until the lifeguard told him he was too young. Waa waa!

Russ & I celebrated our 1-year anniversary of meeting each other with a 'stay-cation'. This was our view from the hotel. (It was so pretty especially at night but I couldn't get a good picture in the dark.)
 We lived it up with shopping, massages, the hotel pool / lazy river, and best of all eating out every meal!
The past year has been so much fun with Russ in my life!

Noah's friend has a 'dirt bike' on training wheels and he asked me to take a picture of him on it so we could show Russ. He LOVES to impress him.

We also spent a fun Saturday at Sunsplash with all of our kids before school started. I wish I had at least one picture to document it - we all had a good time!

Lucy Girl

It had been over 4 years since any babies were born in my family, so waiting for Alisse & Scott's baby to be born was so exciting!! I got to be in the room - this was my first experience witnessing a birth since the time Noah was born so it was special to remember what that was like.
We could tell as soon as Lucy was born that she was so pretty! I think she looks just like Scott, but feminine of course! I didn't want to leave the hospital, like she was my own baby or something!

This is her still in the hospital, believe it or not. So cute!

Noah will be a great big brother someday!

Lucy has the cutest dimples - and she smiles (or 'half-smiles) all the time.

She loves her Aunt Shalae!!

I love living close to the Baldwins... today I got to have her all to myself for about an hour while Alisse got ready for the day. I told her how pretty she was over & over ... she just stared at me almost the whole time with her big pretty eyes. She is such a sweet baby - Alisse & Scott got lucky!