Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summertime Update

I don't have any picture updates for the month of June... it was kind of un-eventful since I was in Summer School. July has been fun so far though, and it's only gonna get better!
Last weekend we did a cabin trip to celebrate the 4th of July then went to the lake the day after. 

With this new tube (or should I say 'couch'), all of our kids can ride at once. I can't say Sophie loved it because she was done after the first ride. But the other 3 LOVED it! I did too, other than Noah's head bobbing in front of my face over every bump we hit. It was a miracle I didn't end up with a bloody nose or a fat lip!

Poor Russ, we didn't have another driver with us so the most he got to do was take a swim break with his life-jacket diaper on! Here I think he was showing Noah how to dance!
Silly Sophs!

Captain Russy

We tried out surfing behind the boat... pretty fun even if I wasn't doing it the right way!

 Tayler got up too... we're hoping the other kids can learn soon also.

Sophie's hair in this pic cracks me up. She doesn't seem to mind it in her face. 

 We've been excited for our Lake Powell trip coming up in a few weeks... but after being at the lake this week, we really can't wait!!