Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Price Family Cruisin'

To celebrate the retirement of my amazing mother-in-law (Mary Ann), we took a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico with Mary Ann, her sister Barbara, and Russ's siblings (and their spouses too of course)!  

We decided to tour the famous blow-hole "La Bufadora" when we got off the boat in Ensenada. It was fun to walk around and shop, try some authentic Mexican tacos, drink the best ever pina coladas & mango coladas, and see what we could of the blow-hole!

 It was a pretty sight to see but we never saw the water shoot as high as it does at other times.
 I found the picture below when I googled "la bufadora images"... that's pretty cool!

This was "formal night" on the cruise but we weren't very formal!
 Matthew & Megan
 Krysta & Matt
 Barbara & Mary Ann
 John & Christy
 Megan found a great 80's outfit to wear for formal night... and she still looked so cute! I could never pull that off.
 Matt & Krysta celebrated 18 years of marriage on the cruise! What cute lovebirds!

I took a few pictures of the inside of the boat to show our kids but I don't think the pics do it justice...

It was fun to see the different towel creations waiting for us each night when we returned to our room. All of the "crew members" were so nice and always 'at your service'.

It was fun to get away on an adult-only trip. Thanks to Mary Ann for retiring and making this trip possible for us! She has worked hard to provide for herself and her family for many years... I think she's been in education for 25 years or so and 15 or 16 of those were spent as a principal. Like I said, she is amazing!!

Cute kids

This is Sophie & Noah on a HOT August afternoon... I thought it was so funny!

Noah is playing in a flag football league for the first time. Yesterday was the first time we saw him play and I loved it! I might finally start to learn about the game of football. Noah was a lot of fun to watch - he scored a touchdown, an extra point, and took 5 flags while playing defense. It's gonna be an exciting season!

The picture below is when he caught a pass then scored an extra point. You gotta love the "mouth-guard" face!