Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 2014

 November 1st, Sophie set up her lemonade stand for the first time and also sold pumpkin cookies. Lucy helped her and they had a great time and made some pretty good money too!

That same day, Russ took Noah to ride his dirtbike at Grandpa's house.

Poppy and Grandma surprised everyone with a new fun toy, the Teryx. Here are the boys taking a turn on it.

Abby turned 18 months old on November 3rd. We made sure to measure her height on the growth chart board.

For her half birthday, we got her a little princess potty. She hasn't used it yet but likes to sit on it!

I captured this sweet picture of Russ taking care of Abby after her bath one night. She likes for him to sit on the exercise ball and bounce her, then she fake cries when he stops!

Noah had his final flag football game of the season... his team came in second place!

Daddy & Abby watching Noah get his trophy...

Alisse babysat Abby for us one night and put pigtails in her hair. I LOVE them on her but I can't make them look as cute as Alisse did.

See what I mean... in the picture below, I had attempted pigtails and the hair just fell out!

Noah also finished up his after-school volleyball in November. It was a lot of fun to watch him and his friends play together!

All of the adults in the Sherwood family surprised my mom by showing up to dinner together on her birthday. It was fun to be with everyone, out, and without our kids. That hasn't happened in a long time!

This picture was actually taken in October but I didn't see it until November so I of course had to include in this blog post anyway. Abby loves her two grandmas!

It's no secret that I love sleeping pictures, even if I take them after sleeping VERY uncomfortably with a toddler in bed with me.

I had to take this picture of Abby and share with a few of my sisters because she looks JUST like the little girl on "mouths of babes".

We took a visit to Grandpa Price's house and Abby LOVED seeing the horses...

... the blonde horse, Chloe, was her favorite.

Sharing my drink with Abby one day was a big mistake. She thought that meant it was her's. #spoiled

Cousins Abby and Davis in their cute jammies!

She's sitting on her toilet with her pants pulled down. Haha! Still no going potty on it!

Abby inherited her mom's OCD genes and shares Noah's obsession of lining things up.

Our cutest baby girl at our night-before-Thanksgiving dinner. We went around the table and said something we were thankful for. She mentioned "daddy", "whoawa", and "gampa". She also just folded her arms like it was time to say a prayer one time after we asked her what she was thankful for. Haha! We are so thankful for HER!

Thanksgiving morning, I ran the neighborhood turkey trot with Suzanne. It was perfect weather outside, the kind that makes you want to keep running!

A few hours later, we did our Thanksgiving lunch. We had Mary Ann and the Hess family join all the Sherwoods (+ Grandma Riggs) for a really yummy spread!

Friday night after Thanksgiving, we set up a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood for our kids... a big secret we've been keeping from them was going to be revealed at the end. The older girls didn't come over so only Noah and Sophie were participating. We rode our bikes around the neighborhood to find all the clues. Each clue had a problem to solve that gave them a number and also a hint as to where the destination was for the next clue. The very last clue told them to put all the numbers together in order, to find the address of a new house we would be moving to. They were so shocked and so excited. It was a really fun thing to do with them and we are so excited about moving. We get to stay in our neighborhood & ward and we love it here!

Our last event of November was the annual Sherwood family bike ride. We rode bikes from Grandma & Poppy's house and then we had a picnic and some people played flag football.