Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January so far...

A few weekends ago we met up with Mary Ann (Russ's mom) & his brother Matt's family at the lightrail station on Main Street. We then rode the lightrail (with our bikes in hand) to Tempe Town Lake. From there we spent the afternoon hanging out at the Park & riding to In-N-Out for lunch. It was so fun & a perfect day outside!

So cute... Mary Ann & her boys

Kylie, Sophie, Rachel & Tayler (with Chad & Krysta in the background)

A few days later, on MLK day - we rode bikes from Auburn's house to Discovery Park with my family and spent several hours just hangin out there (no pictures)! We're loving the weather & bike rides right now!

Here are the cute little girls of my family... Roxy, Sophie, & Ellie - all matching!

Even Lucy got a cute pettiskirt that kind of matches the other girls! As Alisse said about these pictures ... "Our daughters have seen better days"!! hahaha, TRUE!

Finally - I started watching Lucy again last week. Alisse had about a month off work for the winter break between semesters - and Lucy is such a different baby now than she was last time I really babysat her! Noah was a great helper after he got home from school - he pushed her around in the stroller to keep her entertained while I did some homework. I'm excited to pretend that Lucy is mine one day a week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Eve

Alisse, Scott, & Lucy came over for a few hours on New Year's Eve but we just sat around. BOR-ING!! Russ even fell asleep before the Baldwins left.
I got my pajamas on and wanted to get in bed but decided to try to be a funner parent than that. I woke Russ up a little before midnight so that we could celebrate with the kids.

Uncle Lance gave the kids some firecrackers & smoke bombs... so we spent about 10 minutes outside then decided it was way too cold out there!

I'll take boring New Year's Eve nights with this guy ANY DAY over anything else. I am so thankful for my Russy!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're excited to see what 2011 brings!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning before the kids woke up...
We had to wake them up at 7:45. Isn't that unheard of on Christmas morning?!

Sophie got a Leapster-
Noah got a DSi-
Tayler got an iHome & a new phone-
Mary Ann came over for the craziness!
Kaitlyn got a pink electric scooter-

We had a fun morning & then the girls had to go home.
We headed to my parents' house for the afternoon. Here we are opening stockings-
Lovin Lucy on her first Christmas...

It was the year of home-made gifts. I'll have to post more pictures, but for now here is what my mom did for each of us. I was so surprised that she gave us these quilts. She worked on them all throughout the year and named them each. Mine has cute crowns on some of the fabrics & is named "Royalty". Must mean I'm her favorite.
We went to Russ's dad's house on Christmas night but didn't take any pictures.

The next morning, Russ & Noah played with new toys as they waited for me to be ready for church.
Such handsome boys in their new matching ties!

Christmas Eve 2010

Well this first picture was actually a few days before Christmas... Alisse was having a gathering at her house and since Lucy was not feeling well she asked me to pick her up and take her to my house. Since we only live four houses away from each other, I stopped by on my way home from somewhere and just put her in the car like this. I think she loved it!

Christmas Eve afternoon - we got together with my family at Suzanne's house so that the kids could exchange gifts with each other. Here's cute Lucy opening her first Christmas present!
 She got a baby cabage patch kid {Heidi Morgan} and she really did love it as soon as it came out of the package.
 Lucy gave Kaitlyn a pillow pet... she was so happy. She wanted a pillow pet SO BAD!

 One of the Gibbons' kids gave Noah a monster truck Wii game... just what he wanted also!
 Another of the Gibbons gave Tayler some athletic sandals... she wears them every day & loves them.
 Ellie gave Sophie a bunch of stuff including a barbie movie. You can see by her face how excited she was!

 We had a fun time eating pizza & candy and opening gifts.

For Christmas Eve dinner, Grandma Price had us over. We ate & hung out, opened up the awesome FLIP camera she got us, and watched the kids perform the nativity scene while Uncle Matt narrated.
 Sophie was Mary...

Tayler was a shepherd...
 Kaitlyn was a cute angel...
 and Noah was a wiseman.

After that we went home & got ready for Santa to come!