Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 2013

We started off the month with Abby looking cute for church, in her dress from Grandpa Price...

Abby loved her private concert with dad!

Labor day swimming at Grandma & Poppy's house...

Russ and Sophie on their way to a daddy-daughter activity. They were both dressed in formal clothes since Sophie had told Russ "you can wear a tuxedo if you want"... but right before they left, we noticed that the invitation said it was a carnival themed activity!

Abby & Davis, both around 4 months old.

Kade left on his mission September 25. A few weeks before he left, we took him and a few friends to the lake! He was an awesome surfer :)

Abby got a new high chair!

I realized at 4 months old that Abby actually does look like Noah did as a baby... here are some comparison collages...

Abby got her immunizations and well - check at 4.5 months old. Her stats were 14 pounds even and 25 3/4 ". That's 45% for weight and 80% for height.

Abby's first time eating rice cereal. She loved eating from a spoon like the rest of us!

Noah has become a bookworm lately. I have found him asleep in his room with a book several times. He finished reading Percy Jackson: The lightning Thief, and is almost finished now with the next book in the series: Sea of Monsters.

Sweet cuddles :)

Abby likes to swing while we wait at the park for Noah's football practice to be over.

Sweet siblings leaning on each other to watch t.v.

This is Abby sleeping on Grandma's shoulder at the women's broadcast. It was the cutest sight!