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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014

We started off the month of August by celebrating the 5th anniversary of when we met. It's such a memorable day and totally worth celebrating. Suzanne watched Noah and Abby (overnight!) for us while we lived it up. We got pedicures together, then went to dinner at Brio in Scottsdale (yum!). Afterward, we went shopping at West Elm and walked around since it was a surprisingly nice night outside. Then we went to Sugarbowl for dessert (yuck!).

We got to visit Grandpa (and his horses) this month too.

Noah loved riding the quad all around Grandpa's property.

(This is the "bunkhouse" that Russ lived in when him and I met.)

Abby enjoyed a ride with dad...

...while Noah took Mom for a ride.

Summer break came to an end in August. Noah was so glad! He loves school and was excited to go back. Here he is with Mrs, Strunk, his new 4th grade teacher,  at "Meet the teacher" night.

Tradition called for a trip to Bahama Bucks on the last day of summer...

Abby kind of rules the house and thinks rules don't apply to her... such as "don't touch dad's ipad".

Russ made a rocket launcher, so Noah had a "rocket making" family home evening...

8/6/14: Noah's first day of 4th grade

Abby was up way before usual so that we could walk Noah to school on his first day.

(blow-dried and styled hair called for a picture)

Abby loves Noah. She follows him into his room every night and wants to hang out with him. Especially when he shares his ice with her.

Dirty birdy!!! (raspberries)

We can't wait for it too cool off outside... Abby has discovered some toys in our side yard and wants to go out there all the time.

(Mimicking mom at the grocery store)

We went down to Daddy's work and Abby found a perfect little cubby to sit inside of!

Books are Abby's latest obsession...

We used our pogo passes for a fun day at Sunsplash! We met Lance, Suzy, and Ellie there.

I love sleeping pictures!

Abby knows how to use a phone...

Miss independent wants to feed herself now... and Mom isn't OK with that!

Daw-dog obsession! (Sadie)

Dad's sidekick every night before bed: