Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April 2015

April 1st, Abby got her first pedicure! She started off just sitting on Mom's lap while Sunny did Mom's toes, but we decided during the process that Abby deserved a little pampering too! Sunny is the best, he calls Abby "my princess", painted a flower on her toes without Mom's approval (haha),  and even gave her a hug when he was done. For the next few weeks after this, Abby would show everyone her painted toes and say "tank eww Sunny"!

Abby rules the house... and obviously we are still living on concrete floors.

Easter weekend, we hosted the Price family Easter party at our house. We started out with Grandma's easter egg hunt - the teenagers hid the eggs then helped the younger kids find them. Grandma Price makes it extra special by giving away prizes for every glitter egg that gets found!


After we had dinner, Grandma had another fun event planned for the adults... 

She taped a bunch of giftcards to the back window and we had to shoot dart guns and hit inside the square in order to keep the giftcards. The hard part was that we had to wear the fun masks while shooting!

General Conference fell on Easter weekend this year, so Easter morning was spent listening to it and finding the baskets that the Easter bunny filled :)

Cute cousins hanging out on Easter afternoon - Blake, Collin, and Sophie

We got together with the Sherwood family on Sunday night, for another Easter egg hunt. It was fun for kids of all ages...

Abby looking cute in her new panda dress from Aunt Megan

I took this picture of Russ 30 minutes after we finished family prayer. He must have been exhausted!

We went to a fun museum with the Hess family while they were in town. It's so fun for Abby to have Otto (pretty close in age) to play with!

Abby felt like wearing her panda costume one night for not reason. Hahaha!!

We've continued to go to Noah's basketball games every Saturday and he is so fun to watch. He improves each week and always scores lots of points for his team!

It was so fun to have Aunt Megan and her family in town... Abby sure did miss their company when they left back home to California.

Abby likes to follow Noah down to his room each night when he goes to bed. She adores her big brother!

We went to kids' club at Superstition Springs mall on Davis's birthday and also got to ride the carousel afterward. Abby knew she wanted to ride the bunny while we waited in line, and luckily nobody got it before her. By the way, she will bring up "easter bunny" out of nowhere all the time :)

We went to Davis's 2nd birthday party at Harmony Park and Ellie brought her scooter. Abby loved riding on it!

Shhhh... the princess is napping :)

No clothes except princess high heels, pushing her babies in the stroller!

I was pretty proud of this hair creation, considering Abby has thin hair that isn't very long!

Sophie & Noah held a lemonade & candy sale one Saturday and did OK (thanks to some high tippers).

BBQ and swimming fun with our neighbors, the Manutais and a few of the Watkins girls too :)

Noah received so many awards at April's pack meeting! He has accomplished so much as a cub scout and is so close to graduating from the program!

Abby found this sleeping mask and thought it was a headband.

 Helping Dad in the yard, in her jammies :)

We took the Teryx out to the desert one Saturday and had a great time together. The weather was perfect! Cold enough for sweatshirts in April!

Sometimes Abby wakes up in the night and we bring her to bed with us. She was basically on top of me so I took a picture of the nice "cuddle" she was giving me!

"2 Piggytails"!!

 When the piggytails come out... not so cute!