Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We participated in a triathlon put on by our stake last week. It was such a fun experience!

Here's my cousin Krista - she did all 3 events.
My brother-in-law Scott also did all 3 events.
 And my sister Suzanne - she did all 3 events and swam for Russ, Tayler & I. None of us wanted to do the swim! In this triathlon, we were allowed to put together a "team" and use one another's time if we didn't want to do all 3 events.

Perfect photo-op of Suz & Scott in the pool!

Once Suzanne finished the swim, her and I hopped on bikes for the next part of the race.
I really liked biking - however.... about 4-5 people passed us on the route and we didn't pass up ANYONE!! haha

Russ & Tayler were waiting to join us for the run - and here they are coming to the end of the 2-mile route...
 Russ was trying his hardest to cross the finish line before Tayler!

We had a great time! I'm hoping our stake does this every year (easy for me to say)... maybe next year I'll train for the swim so I can say I did the whole thing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Noah & Sophie are our "twins". Not really, but their birthdays are just 8 days apart. Noah turned 6 on the 21st and Sophie turns 6 (tomorrow) on the 29th.

 On Noah's birthday, I took treats to his class. They all sang to him -
 and he was so proud!
 He got out of school a little early and we went to Krispy Kremes to get a free dozen donuts (and more for his party)!
 This year was his first "friend" party.

 He got lots of good stuff!

Since we had the girls over the weekend, we celebrated with our families at Discovery Park.

 Brooklyn, Noah, and Sophie are the 3 October birthday kids!

Then on Tuesday night we celebrated Sophie with just our little family. Here she is trying on one of her gifts - she's so cute even with her hair all over the place!
Happy birthday to our 6 year olds!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Noah through the ages

October 21, 2004
Noah's birth day

October 21, 2005
One year old

 October 2006
2 years old

 November 2007
3 years old

December 2008
4 years old

 December 2009
5 years old
(& struggling with his smile)

October 21, 2010
6 years old

I ♥ my birthday boy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Break

We took a little trip to my father-in-law's cabin at the beginning of fall break.

The night before we left - Russ, Sophie & I went down to Russ's shop to pick up some 'toys' to take with us. Russ let Sophie sit by him in the big truck...
I was excited to see it for the first time - this is 1 of the first 2 NRG semi trucks on the road!!
Sophie also had fun with Russ on the forklift.

This post really isn't all about Sophie - but I thought her outfit was hilarious - the pants are too short but look fine when they're tucked in to the boots. She didn't want them tucked in though! 

We had such a good time riding around on these for a few days at the cabin... 

Noah said his favorite was the dirt bike because it went the fastest. 

Tayler had fun riding quads as usual... 

 ... and so did Kaitlyn. She did it all by herself - she caught on quick and did a great job!

 This pic was taken at what we named the "family rec center". This is the same place (close to the cabin) where we went sledding back in February when it was covered with snow. We had a close call back then, getting the truck stuck in the snow - and we had a close call this time too with one quad rolling down a hill - luckily nobody got hurt!
 One day we saw a snake on the trail we were riding on and I wished I had my camera. That was a memorable part of our trip but riding the quads and just being together was the best!

I was excited to see this face the morning after we got back... I know she's not mine but I miss her when I don't see her for a few days. She's getting so big, acting way too old, and she's very vocal lately! She was so happy when I got my camera out, but then as soon as she saw it, she stuck her lip out! She's still the cutest little thing even with a sad face!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A few weeks ago, we took a weekend trip to California. Noah grabbed some "sunglasses" for the trip and put them on as soon as he got in the car. Russ nudged me to look back at him and he was just sitting there, like no big deal at all - it's normal to wear goggles if you don't have sunglasses I guess!! hahahaha

We didn't take very many pictures on the trip, just a few when we stopped at Huntington Beach. It was such a pretty day outside!

A few weeks ago we hopped on an opportunity to get some free food... it was "princess / prince" day at Chick-fil-A and free kids' meals were given to anyone dressed up. I guess we were desperate - I mean, not desperate enough to be creative for making Noah into a prince - but Sophie's little costume is a FAIRY dress-up outfit (NOT princess) - and we had Kaitlyn use Sophie's wand and one of her crowns to turn herself into a princess. We ate for really cheap that night!

Noah started playing soccer - I signed him up on the same league as Auburn's kids, so him and Roxy are on the same team and then Riggs & Jax wear the same uniform although they're on an older team. The games have been miserable because of the weather! I hope it actually starts to feel like fall around here soon!