Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Pictures

Alisse (my sister) was so nice to take some family pictures for us... I love the way they turned out!

 The next few pictures kind of tell a story...

This pic is my screensaver - I love it!

 (we're cuties:)

That same day we had some pictures taken of my (Sherwood) family too.

{Not too bad considering that it was a rainy day!}


We had a fun time last weekend when we took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop. Everyone looks kinda scroungy ... ESPECIALLY Noah... who was also a total sweat bomb! But.... someday we'll look back at this picture & remember just what real life was like!
 This Santa was a grouchy one and even kind of chester-ish I thought. People like that shouldn't be allowed to play "Santa"!

 Tayler didn't want to sit on Santa's lap but I sure did get a picture of my other child... Lucy!

The next night we saw Santa AGAIN at the Arnett Christmas party... he brought Noah & Sophie some fun toys!

We're pretty much ready for Christmas Eve to get here... can't wait!!!

Dunes trip

 We took a trip to the dunes a few weeks ago... Noah loved it!

The story behind this picture is that everyone felt more safe and confident riding in whatever car Russ was not driving... He told me "watch" as he got in the driver's seat... and just as he predicted, everyone flocked to the other car. LOL!

 Greg & Noah ended up joining him.

Noah and Jack were little buddies on this trip and had fun racing each other & just hangin out.