Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, September 18, 2016

August 2016

Memories from August include lots of random shots or Abby doing cute things, like watching tv with 3 babies on her lap. She named these 3 babies Clark, Ivy, and Adelaide.

Pedicure time with mom!

The way Abby is sitting in this picture is SO Russ!

This was an olympic year and the games were held in Rio. We had a party the night of the opening ceremonies and everyone dressed up as an athlete or a USA supporter... Suzanne was a fun host and she was dressed up as Keri Strug from the 96 olympics.

Noah was a USA basketball player.

The kids had lots of fun playing the games that Aunt Suzy planned!

Mr. Clark loved watching the opening ceremonies on TV!

Abby looked really special with her swimming goggles on. hahahaha!!!!

(This was Abby earlier in the day, crashed out napping in the car!)

Russ and I dressed up as USA fans - obviously :)

This is Noah on his first day of SIXTH grade!! So handsome and the big man on campus.

(Walking off to school with his friend Nash.)

This is Noah with the friends in his class (Andrew, Wyatt, and Louis) and their new teacher, Mr. Nowatarski).

Abby's first day back to dance this semester with friends Navy and Audrey!

Abby started a little preschool class through the town of Gilbert and was so excited about it! We picked out some clothes the night before, and she added to the clothes the bangle bracelets and clashing necklace. She also packed her backpack with a baby doll, a notebook, and a pencil.

Davis goes to school with Abby and these cousins love their time together!

The kids get a bathroom break during their 1.5 hour long class... and Abby must have taken her jacket vest off to use the toilet. Then put it back on the wrong way. Wardrobe malfunction!

I love when I get picture texts of these cute twinsies!

Abby and Davis have loved hanging out with each other after preschool... I'm sure Abby was loving life this day that Alisse took them to Costco.

Noah babysits Lucy and Davis after school once in a while and on this day Davis apparently wanted to wear his neon in case Noah was also wearing his. Which he was!

Abby with friends Audrey and Kozie after dance.

We got to babysit the twins recently and pulled out Abby's old bumbo seat to see how they liked it. So funny!

We also did to Clark what we used to do to his dad when he was a baby...

Abby loves to be in charge of family home evening :)

Abby got to be "Grandchild of the month" during August. Grandma and Poppy took her to her choice of dinner and interviewed her. She chose "Panda Bear" and was in HEAVEN. Just look at the look on her face in these pictures!! And here are the answers to the questions she was asked:
favorite animal: dog
favorite color: pink
favorite sport: Noah's basketball
favorite tv show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
favorite song: the wheels on the bus
favorite primary song: I am a Child of God
favorite vacation: Flagstaff on the swing
favorite scripture story: Noah crossed the sea
favorite food: noodles
favorite dessert: strawberry dessert
favorite toy: the pink pony (because it was new that day!)
other favorite toy: blocks
how many babies do  you want to have when you grow up: 20
what do you want to be when you grow up: my dad

I had to take this picture to document Abby's life lately: I took this picture at 10am on a lazy day when she didn't have to be to preschool or dance... she has great bed head, her jammies and a pull up still on. She is obsessed with the ipad or my old phone. It is a great motivator if she doesn't behave and also with potty training. She loves watching her shows from you tube. On this day it was "Little Eiksteins". She LOVES her breakfast of a waffle (with cinnamon butter on it) and cereal (usually "Yucky Charms") and will hardly ever stray from it, unless Noah makes eggs and offers her some on a Saturday or Sunday. This day she also got part of a smoothie I made. She likes to keep her craft projects from preschool on her table, and she is totally into pretending right now - which is why her babies are sitting in the other chairs having breakfast with her!

(More watching tv with one of her babies...)

Abby wishes she could stay in our bed all night long!

I redid a few things in my kitchen and love the signs from Jaxn Blvd! "Local Grown" and "Life is short - lick the bowl" define me pretty well :)

My dad was released as bishop in his ward during August so we all attended and heard both him and my mom bear testimonies. I love my family!