Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2013

February 1st, we started the month with Noah's Pinewood Derby. It was the best set-up! This year, our stake primary presidency put on the race for the cub scouts and did a great job...

They even turned down the lights and introduced the boys, one at a time, and put the spotlight on them and their cars!

Noah received the award for "best theme"... his car was named the DMD Racer.

Abby turned 9 months old in February. At her well-check, she weighed 18 pounds (even) and measured 28" long. Her percentiles were 35% for weight, 65% for height, and a whopping 90% for head!! She is so much fun at this age and starting to play more and more with toys and anything she can put in her mouth!

Davis & Abby hangin out in the neighborhood!

We held our annual Progressive Dinner with the Sherwood family on the Sunday before Valentines Day... it was a great way to start off our LOVE week!

Later that week... we had our usual pink meal... breakfast for dinner!

I took my little Valentine (Noah) to the movies for a date night. He LOVES legos, is really good at building things with them, and loved The Lego Movie.

Abby doesn't like it too much when I shower if nobody else is home to entertain her. Usually I shower when Russ is still home or when she's napping, but on this day I couldn't, so she stood inside of the curtain, cried the whole time, and was soaked by the time I was done showering!

Busy bee... finding things she can get in to.

Abby's Valentines Day outfit was the best, and so true about the way her and I both feel about her dad!

Aunt Auburn watched Davis and Abby on Valentines night since Bryan was away on a campout. Russ and I got to go out on a date without Abby, which RARELY happens... and the babies loved playing with each other and Auburn.

February 15: We decided on a whim to take a little weekend trip to California. Abby was such a good traveler and loved the bike rides we took. 

We stayed with the Hess family and Abby got to know her cousins a little better!

Noah spent the weekend with his cousins (the Standage family) in Redlands, CA. His favorite part about the weekend was learning to ride dirtbikes! The Standags have a huge orchard on their property and any boy would be entertained all day, every day at their house.

We had a few really hot weeks during February. So hot, that we actually turned our air conditioning on. That was after a few days of trying to stick out the heat and hope for cooler weather. Abby's big-girl jammies got pulled out for the first time...

... on the same night that I discovered her hair was long enough to fit in a tiny ponytail!

Sometimes Noah's ideas of fun aren't so fun for Abby...

Another milestone we reached in February was lowering Abby's crib mattress to the lowest setting. She now stands at the rails and cries for us whenever she wakes up.

She also always has her (boy) blankie in her hands. A funny story about her boy blankie... is that Aunt Suzy found Ellie's old blanket that is almost identical to Noah's old blanket (the one Abby is attached to), the only difference is that Ellie's blanket has pink stitching instead of blue and isn't as worn as Noah's. We tried to force the girl blanket on Abby and she didn't want it. She took it from my hands and threw it back at me. I also put both blankets next to her in the crib every night and each morning she wakes up holding the boy one. She doesn't want much to do with the girl one. haha!

Grandma Vicki babysit Abby along with Davis and Lucy one day... she's the best! I think Abby had a great time, riding in the car outside with Davis... even though her face doesn't show it!

A few days ago I had to take this picture of Abby in her crib just because she looked so sweet sleeping. As I took this picture I was thinking about how lucky I am to get to be home with her every day. I love it!

 I made this collage of Abby sitting on her legs just because I think it's so funny. She is so cute and fun right now!