Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014

What the month of March looked like for us:

Abby & Davis at Grandma & Poppy's house - having fun on the "drive drive"

Comparison pictures of Mommy & Abby

We spend a lot of time these days picking up after Abby!

Sleeping pictures are the best... especially when they are sleeping BABY pictures!

We took a hike one Saturday to the wind caves...

Kaitlyn and Noah each brought a friend, Nicole & Nathan Graff. It was a beautiful day outside and we had fun!

Abby loving a chocolate cookie at Paradise Bakery

Abby got caught getting into Noah's legos... uh oh!

Noah did an awesome job at field day. He lasted the longest of his entire class on the high jump, clearing 3'2", and he had the farthest softball throw of all the 3rd and 4th graders.

Abby LOVES doggies and was loving the time she spent in the pet store at the mall one day.

Blankie obsessed...

For Russ's birthday, I surprised him by renting a RZR and we took it out to 4 peaks . Not long after we started our ride, we saw this rattlesnake. I was scared to death!

We had so much fun together that day!

We finally got to celebrate "Christmas" with Grandma Riggs since she was too sick at Christmas time. She gave all the little girls a rainbow necklace with their initial hanging from it. We love her!

We spent Noah's first day of Spring Break at Grandma & Poppy's pool. Although it was hot outside, the water was still freezing! Abby and I sat in the shade the whole time.

We spent a Friday night at Riverview Park and loved it. The weather was perfect and there were so many fun things there for the kids.

Kaitlyn turned 14 this month! We celebrated by going out to dinner and then opening her gifts. She chose sushi after trying for Texas Roadhouse, which had way too long of a wait!

Abby has learned to crawl up the stairs... SCARY!

Our stake held cub scout day camp at Killian's farm. Here is a picture of our ward / troop 386. We made up about 1/2 - 1/3 of the boys. We love living in a ward with so many boys Noah's age.

 Noah's favorite station of the 6 they rotated through on Friday & Saturday... was the ROCKET POWER station. The boys made paper rockets and launched them. Noah's actually launched so high that we couldn't keep track of it in the air. When it came down, it landed over the fence, on the other side of the field!

Several people in the Sherwood family got together to do the HEART WALK on March 29. It was a great day to celebrate the miracle it is to have Riggs in our family...

Here is Russ presenting Abby with an entire cookie, all to herself. I think she was in shock when he gave it to her. She loved it and can't wait for her first birthday when we present her with her own cake!!