Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014

January in pictures...

Noah tried to entertain Abby for me one day so I could get some things done (she has become very clingy). It looks like she didn't enjoy the wagon ride too much!

Abby always gets to go with Mom & Dad on their dates. She was LOVING the rolls at Texas Roadhouse this night...

 Instead of combing her wavy hair down, we curled it up with some gel... she knew she looked cute!

Grandma Vicki took the kids to see "Frozen". They loved it!

Matching for church :)

I love when Abby sits like this to play with her toys!

At grandma's house... Davis really wanted Abby to get out of her car seat and play!

Abby loves when Noah gets home from school. She kicks her legs and looks around at the doorways to see where he is. Sometimes he reads to her too. She loves his attention.

Poor baby. Apparently the headband over her eyes wasn't bugging her, because she does know by now how to fix it!

Russ and Uncle Matt took Noah and Chad to Supercross when it came to Phoenix. They had a fun time going out to lunch, hanging out in the pits, and watching the event that night. Their favorite, Ryan Villapoto, won that night as an added bonus!

Kaitlyn cashed in her gift from Santa which was an all-day pass to Sunrise resort. Her and Russ left on a Friday night, stayed at Grandpa Price's cabin, then got up the next morning and headed to Sunrise. They snowboarded all day and came home that night.

While Russ and Kaitlyn were away... I took Noah and Sophie out to have some fun too. Our plan was to go bowling but there was a 2-hour wait for a lane to open (I should have known better on a Friday night), so instead the kids got some cash cards to play in the arcade for a little while. Their money ran out quick and Sophie sadly never won herself a stuffed animal from the crane game (I think that's all she used her money on... over and over).

 Russ and Kaitlyn trying to get warm at the cabin :)

Abby had her own fun that night too: getting to sleep in Mom's bed since Dad was gone. She was acting so crazy so I got my phone out to take some pictures. These are the "selfies" we took... I can't help but share them all because they're so funny!

Sophie participated in a cheer clinic at Higley High School and had the time of her life! A week later she performed during halftime at a basketball game but sadly we didn't get any pictures of that.

Kaitlyn is so sweet to Abby... she lets her touch her ipod touch. That's more than I let Abby do with my phone!

Little Miss Clingy wasn't happy this day. I guess sitting next to her and her toys wasn't enough. I needed to be holding her!

Yes I'm obsessed with my baby and everything she does. I take pictures of random things like the way she's sitting :)  She started crawling at 8.5 months and can move around and get her toys on her own now.

I took this picture to show Abby's teeth but the picture doesn't show them too well. She got her first tooth at 8.5 months (the day before she started crawling), and the second tooth came two weeks later.

I may not have a happy baby in this picture but at least I have vacuum lines. haha :) She didn't like me putting her in the crib to get some vacuuming done. As a sidenote, Abby has the best frowny face!

Noah's Pinewood Derby happened on February 1st, and this is him at about 10pm January 31st finishing up his car! More pictures of the Pinewood Derby to come on next month's blog post :)