Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, August 6, 2015

July 2015

July started out of course with our great trip to Newport Beach, but here are the other pictures we took during the rest of the month...

Abby figured out this month how to get into things... I was in the shower one day when she came to the shower entrance and was trying to tell me something, using her hands to try to explain. When I got out of the shower, I saw that she had gone into the laundry room to get the stepstool, then pushed it all the way into my room to get the remote and the wedding book off the dresser. She had tried to tell me that she figured out how to get it all herself!

This picture is very deceiving... Abby is smiling but the wet spots on her shirt are from her tears. She has become very naughty lately and gets put in her crib a lot to think about being better. She saw that I had my phone out, so she smiled for the camera through her tears!

I will take any snuggles and sweetness I can get from this terrible-two-year-old. And take a picture to remember it forever!

Abby got to try out a new dance class with her friend Kozie. She didn't like it too much but mommy signed her up anyway!

So cool, drinking Dad's leftover soda pop in the Costco parking lot!

Abby loves to hang out at the Manutai home. They take such good care of her and let her borrow Kozie's swimsuits when she doesn't come prepared with her own...

Just like Daddy!

Enjoying free reign of an ipad while mom waits to drop of Daddy's computer in the apple store.

We went shopping one day with Auburn and Suzy, and to keep Abby happy I let her hold my phone. Auburn wanted to take pictures of her but I guess Abby also wanted to take pictures of Auburn! I found these pictures on my phone later that night...

3rd wheel on Mom & Dad's date night to Ra Sushi... Abby liked using the chopsticks!

Visiting grandma Riggs who hasn't been feeling well at all lately :(

We took our first family lake trip of the summer and had lots of fun at Saguaro Lake! Kaitlyn wake-boarded, Russ and I surfed, Noah and Sophie both tried wake-boarding, and we all enjoyed a little bit of tubing time also!

Noah giving a talk in primary :)

Russ took a trip to Lake Powell with his Priest quorum. He had a great time with these guys but we sure did miss him at home!

While shopping for Noah's school clothes, Abby found a few backpacks she wanted. The first was "Minnie Mouse bow-tique" and the second was puppies. 2 things she loves!

When Russ was away with the priests and Beau, we had a little dinner & swimming party at the Manutai's home since both husbands were away. We had a fun time until Abby decided to run away from me as I was trying to get her dressed at the end of the night... and then she slipped and fell on wet concrete. She screamed a scream that we knew meant she was hurt. We knew it was her leg but didn't see any swelling or anything. The next day, I took her to the doctor where they did x rays and put her leg in a splint. The x-rays didn't show a break but she is still having pain a week later :( 

The good news... is that lots of people spoiled Abby! Kozie and Klorissa brought over a gift bag packed full of treats, chewy medicine, a card, and even some new princess high heels! Abby was so happy. She said "happy birthday Abby" and kept telling me thank you as she pulled everything out of the bag. That day at lunch, Suzy, Grandma, Auburn, Noah, and Ellie also spoiled her rotten with lots of candy, treats, and cards as well.

 I was able to finish my kitchen table & chairs project that I started a month ago... back in June, before our California vacation, I painted the table and left the chairs undone. During the week Russ was away, I painted the chairs as well! I used chalk paint and a cup sprayer which made the whole process pretty quick and easy! Here are some pictures of the process...

 The picture on the top left is the picture I pinned on Pinterest a long time ago, and what I wanted my kitchen to look like. The pictures on top right and bottom left are in-between painting the table and chairs, and the bottom right is my finished project. the white and blue looks so much cuter in my kitchen than the black did. Next up is finishing the chairs that go with the kids' table!