Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kaitlyn's 11th Birthday

We had Kaitlyn on her birthday this year so it was fun to celebrate on her special day. 

Russ was putting together her new bike in the garage and Sophie was his little helper out there.

We were all so excited to watch Kaitlyn when she got to go in the garage... like Christmas morning, finding her new cruiser!

She loved it!

Next, she opened up some clothes, pajamas, and candy bars (she requested "chocolate bars" on her birthday wish list!)

We also had a little birthday party for her at Discovery park, and she got a lot more chocolate!!

Kaitlyn put together a cute questionnaire about herself to see which of her friends/cousins knew her the best. We (especially Kaitlyn) had so much fun with this game... here she is giving the answers.

 The ice cream cake was a bust! I picked it up during the party, to make sure it wouldn't melt before it was time to eat it. Well... it was so frozen that we waited awhile to cut into it, then when Russ decided to give it a try, our knife broke! (It wasn't even a plastic knife.) I ran to Auburn's house to get another knife and when I got back to the party, the cake was still SO frozen! 

All about Kaitlyn:
 We love Kaitlyn! She's such a good kid - so creative, always making friends & being a good friend. She's helpful, smart, very talented, and always so happy. She's so fun to give presents to because she LOVES everything and is always so grateful.