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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015

March was a busy month... one day I was feeling overwhelmed with a million things that needed to get done. I sat down with Abby to put her to sleep and planned to get tons done during her nap time, but I couldn't bring myself to get out from underneath her. Babies sleeping are the sweetest thing ever!

Lucy and Davis spent the night when their parents were moving out of their old house. The next morning, these 4 had breakfast in the backyard. They loved it!

Cute cousins in jammies :)

Noah got a lot of scouting stuff done during the month. First, he went on an overnight "webeloree" campout. Russ camped with him and then Noah stayed for the rest of the day to pass off some goals for his webelos and arrow of light awards. Here he is in the "readyman" class.

He participated in a service project as well...

Our stake put on a "shindig" to celebrate 25 years as a stake. It was an awesome event. Every room inside the church was decorated and tents were set up outside with fun games for kids and dinner for the whole family.

Here is Mary Ann, stake primary president, with part of her presidency. They did a great job decorating the primary room!
 I had to sneak this picture of Sophie and Abby being so sweet together one day. They didn't know I was taking the picture as Sophie was kissing Abby's head.

Sweet sisters :)

In this picture, Abby was looking out the shutters at Grandma & Poppy's house, at Davis who was outside looking in. It was so cute! Davis kept yelling "ABBY!" and Abby was cracking up.

Noah did an awesome job at field day! He placed 2nd in this race (I'm not sure what it's called), 2nd in the high jump, and 1st in the softball throw. 

Abby got to have a few play dates with Kozie, her friend that lives across the street. These 2 are so funny together. Abby now asks for "Kozie's house" once in awhile, like she's big enough to knock on the door and ask "can you play?"

(These girls, like all other kids their age, don't like to share toys. They want something only if the other one has it. Kozie held onto the high heels for a pretty long time and as soon as she let them go, Abby claimed them! You can tell by this picture that she wasn't about the let them go. Haha!!

Abby found this little spot in the flowerbed, that she thinks is "her spot". She'll gather up the things she needs, like her binky and blanket, and just go sit out there.

I put this hat on her (as a joke) when we were at Target one day. I thought she would have ripped it off her head. Instead, she wouldn't let me take it off and when I finally did, she cried for a long time, "gampa's hat". I guess it reminded her of Grandpa Price's cowboy hat!

Noah also got to attend our stake's cub scout day camp this month. It was held at President Killian's farm and so fun. The leaders really put a lot of work into making the camp awesome for the cub scouts. 

Dad's glasses

This is a picture of Russ on his birthday. He got up early and went dirtbike riding, his favorite thing in the world. Besides me of course! ;) 

We went out to eat at Blue Adobe Grill on Russ's birthday and Abby brought her high heels to be fancy! The tight shorts and high heels crack me up.

We didn't do much this year during Spring Break, but Grandma Vicki did treat everyone to an afternoon at Peter Piper Pizza. It was the one day that Ellie and Noah's Spring Break overlapped Jax and Roxy's Spring Break.

Cutest little shopper. She loves Ellie's purse.

Noah's best friend is Wyatt Stoddard. Wyatt invited Noah to go to the wind caves with him and his mom and brother Hank one day. They had a great time!

~Celebrating Auburn's birthday with lunch at Blue Lemon~

The week that Riggs died, my dad researched what the time table and waiting period was (if there was one) for Riggs's endowments to be done in the temple. There was no waiting period but would require some approval and preparation from church leaders. Bryan suggested that it be done on Auburn's birthday. So here we are outside of the temple after all of that happened. It was an awesome experience knowing Riggs was close to us that night. (We're missing some of the guys in our family that had to leave before we took the picture.)

For several weeks leading up to Spring Break, I promised Noah and Abby that they could have a slumber party in Noah's room during the break. Abby follows Noah down to his room every night and I always take her up the stairs screaming. She was so excited when I told them both goodnight and left without her. The trundle was all ready for their sleepover! About 30 minutes later, Noah was texting me from his room and telling me Abby was too wild and I needed to come take her. Haha! She is such a night owl. The time stamp on this picture is 11:01pm.

Abby got to pet this lamb at the Easter pageant!

Look close to see the lounger on the chair!

We had our first lake outing at the end of March when the Westovers came to town. The water was too cold for the AZ residents but the Oregonians got in the water and swam around! Abby and Mom were just along for the ride. She liked to drive the boat with dad and just be cute.

This crew of cousins got together for hiking and donuts when the Westovers were in town.

~Blue Point @ the Salt River, with Grandpa Price and cousins~

This is Abby looking so cute in her Easter dress. Easter Sunday falls on General Conference Sunday this year so she got dressed up a week early!

We spotted the Easter Bunny at the mall and Abby was giddy. She was standing on her tiptoes to see the bunny. I have a feeling that she wouldn't have been so giddy if we got too much closer!