Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 2013

Random pictures from July...

I put Abby in the boppy to keep her entertained while I got ready for the day. She really loved watching our 2012 family movie!

We didn't have any plans for the 4th of July so we got in Russ's truck and took a drive. We ended up in Payson and stopped at a little creek. The weather was much nicer than what we had at home, but it was still hot. 

That night, we joined everyone else in Payson for their fireworks show. It was a good one and we thought it would be fun to go again!

At 2 months old, we started to realize how much Abby looked like Ellie as a baby. So we put the same outfit on as what Ellie is wearing on the left. These pictures actually don't even show how much they look alike!

We took Tanner and Grandpa Price to the lake a few days before Tanner left on his mission.

Davis & Abby

Elllie & Suzanne took care of Abby while we were at the lake. Ellie knows how to make Abby smile!

2 month old shots. No fun for this pretty girl!

This is a side by side comparison of Noah at 2 months old and Abby at 2 months old, both on the day they got shots!

Happy one minute, sad the next - I think this sweet girl was in pain. So sad!

I was doing a photo shoot with Abby for another comparison picture and she kept smiling, which I didn't want (since the other girls weren't smiling in their pictures). She can't help it, she's always so happy!

Ellie (2004), Lucy (2010), and Abby (2013). I wish we had a picture of Roxy wearing the same thing! The only thing that's different in these pictures is the headband!

Abby LOVES looking in the mirror at the cutest little baby!

I think she's gonna be a tv head. Abby loves watching tv or you tube videos with Dad. I'm sure the one they're watching here was dirt bikes!

Dad & his mini-me with mouths open and arms crossed.

After her morning bottle is her happiest time of day. I love it!

Noah & Ellie kept themselves entertained indoors a lot this summer. Here, they're watching the DVD of our Family Fued game. They were cracking up and rooting for us while booing the other team! haha

Alisse took some cute pictures of our Abby girl... 
(Lucy likes the camera!)

I do realize that 99% of my pictures these days are of my baby girl. I can't get enough of her!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

weekend cabin trip

We spent a weekend in Pinetop at the Riggs cabin in July. Suzanne and Ellie drove up with Noah, Abby, and I - and Suzanne captured some really cute pictures of Abby in her car seat.

She was a happy girl to get out of her car seat when we finally made it to the cabin. Between stopping for lunch, stopping to feed her and Davis, and stopping for groceries, it took us a LONG time to get there. About 7.5 hours to be exact!!

We went out to pizza the night we got there. This is obviously the "boy cousins" table!

Davis and Abby got to do a little bonding. At first Davis was too distracted by Abby's big bow so we took it off. Every time they would make eye contact, Davis would get so excited. It was so cute!

Alisse and I made sure to pack matching jammies for the babies so we could do a photo shoot...

The next day after we got there, some of the kids made up a dance and a play for us. Riggs and Jax were gone fishing with Bryan, so Noah represented the boys alone. Him, Ellie, Roxy and Lucy were the stars of the show. They even made "signs" to advertise their performance and had us sign in. 

They danced to a song called "dumb ways to die"... and it was the most ridiculous song! But we REALLY enjoyed the show. It was hilarious. We requested an encore and got it!

After the performance, the kids put on some church music and gave massages to the adults. It was heavenly!

Cute cousins Roxy & Abby were matching with their pinkish/purple pants and navy & white polka dot shirts!

Lucy had turned 3 years old about a week before the cabin trip, so we celebrated her birthday while we were there. It looks like these kids helped Alisse prepare the treats but I'm not sure if they really did :)


Sunday morning, we took a walk around the neighborhood. Abby loved her free ride in the bjorn.

Russ had been working at Grandpa Price's cabin that weekend so he joined us for a day when he was done with his work. We found a place to play frisbee and enjoy the cooler weather.

Ellie is such a good helper with Abby. I think Abby looks more like Ellie than anyone in our own family!

Game night... "compatability". Fun times!

Cute cousins picture!! (8 of the 11) We were missing Tayler, Kaitlyn, and Sophie.