Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sherwood family Flagstaff trip - July 2016

My parents rented a cabin in Flagstaff for a week and we had such a great trip being with our family in some perfect weather. Here are some pictures of the cabin and the culdesac it was in... 

Russ brought a few toys along!

We went to Sizzler the first night we got there... NOT worth the money we spent there and we ended up at a different Sizzler than the rest of our family :(

Abby was so happy to be with her cousins!

This awesome cabin had a couch made just for social media viewing (haha) ...

... and 8 bedrooms, so each couple got their own room and bathroom, then all the girls shared a room and then Jax and Noah shared a room. The first night we were there, the girls stayed up until way after midnight, having the time of their lives! They each brought their dolls with matching pajamas too :)

The next day when we woke up, we rode bikes to get some donuts. We tried out Fractured Prune for the first time. It was yummy but not the best donuts we've ever had!

 A group of us did the ropes course at NAU... the scariest part was climbing up the first pole. The 3 little girls (Ellie, Roxy, and Sophie) and Noah were the most brave of the whole group!

 Here's the group of us that went. We had to partner up and everyone had nicknames.
Bryan & Roxy: Willy Wonka & Veruca
Russ & Sophie: Mike & Sully
Scott & Brad: Batman & Robin
Jax & Noah: Harry & Lloyd
Suzanne & Ellie: Rooster & Annie
Auburn & Shalae: Thelma & Louise

The kids liked riding back to the cabin in the back of Poppy's truck

Abby and Davis must have played hard when we were gone because Abby couldn't keep her eyes open at dinner!! 

Day 3: we loved waking up to having the babies with us!! We also went to the "cinders" to do some riding...

Later that night, the adults went out to dinner together and then stopped by the lot that my parents are starting to build a house on!

When we got home, the kids had a little performance for us. Ellie choreographed the cutest little dance for Davis and Abby, to "L-O-V-E"

Day 4, we woke up and made some yummy apple pancakes for breakfast, put on our matching shirts, and then went to ride the chair lift at SnowBowl...

Abby and Russ took a nice little nap together afterward...

 ... while all the moms made an assembly line to prepare dinner!
Our 5th day in Flagstaff was the 4th of July. We woke up and headed to the parade...

(We had these twin girls invading our personal space while they tried to get some shade. Their names were Sophie and Izzy.)

Back at the cabin after the parade, we took a ride in Poppy's Pioneer to get some lunch...

... then hung out in the perfect weather. This yellow swing was Abby's favorite thing about the cabin.

We played a game of "telestrations" and this is embarrassing but funny. Lucy had the word "dog". Her drawing of a dog is the top. Mine is the middle. Auburn's is the bottom!!! Artistic ability doesn't run in our genes!

(Suz and I brought lots of matching workout clothes and made sure to wear them on the same days!)

Day 6: Everyone kind of went separate ways on this day. Some of us went to Bearizona, some hung around the cabin, a few went golfing, and others went riding. Sophie, Abby, and I did Bearizona while Russ and Noah went riding...

Here are the sisters hanging out in "the roost" (each room in the cabin had it's own name and this was Suzanne's room)... planning our number for the annual variety show! It came together at the last minute and this was a stressful moment haha!

The little girls planned their own dance and bought and crafted their own "MHS" shirts complete with their mom's name on the back. They even made one for Ivy with Danielle's name on back!

Poppy & Grandma enjoying some cuddle time with the twins!

The sisters number: we dressed up as our husbands and made up new words to the song "whatta man". The chorus stayed the same but there was a verse for each man... this picture shows Alisse (Scott), Me (Russ), Suzanne (my dad), Auburn (Bryan), and Danielle (Brad). The new verses were pretty great if I do say so myself!

These 2 love cuddling each other - Daddy & Abby.

The last day that we were there was also a day when everyone kind of did something different. Russ, Bryan, Roxy, and Sophie woke up early and went to the lava caves...

My dad, Scott, Auburn, Suzanne, Alisse and I set out for a bike ride that we didn't realize would be as hard as it was... when half of us were on beach cruisers! We got quite a work out and had a few scares on "The Arizona Trail"...

Russ took the kids out for one last ride in the Teryx and let each of them take a turn driving. Here's a few still shots from a video he took of Noah driving with Sophie in the passenger seat next to him... so funny to me!

I had to snap this picture of Auburn cutting up onions for our dinner on the last night... she wore sunglasses which I guess might not be a bad idea!

We had the best week with our family and we're looking forward to having a place to escape to soon! Flagstaff is a perfect mix of having a forest-y atmosphere as well as the convenience of the stores and restaurants we have in the city!