Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Friday, September 21, 2012

August / September

Random pictures of some cute little people:


Otto - I thought it was funny how him and Uncle Russ were similar in the way they were laying with their arms resting above their heads!

 Sophie & Noah after attending some friends' baptisms - they are excited for their upcoming baptisms in October & November!

Labor Day weekend - Russ and I did a stay-cation at The Princess resort in Scottsdale. We invited family to come hang with us on Monday but Noah and the Baldwins were the only ones who made it.

September 7-9: Auburn & the Heatons (Kerry & Cassady) participated in a triathlon in San Diego... so my mom, Suzanne, Alisse and I followed them over to California to cheer them on!

We got there Friday afternoon and didn't do much that day except find a Sprinkles (cupcakes) which happened to be right next to the San Diego temple. It is one of the prettiest - if not THE prettiest temple there is!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to be there at the start of the triathlon. The weather was perfect and the hours flew by as we watched for Auburn, Kerry, and Cassady at their transition points. 

The swim was first. We found a great spot to sit and watch all the swimmers get out of the water - we spotted Kerry and Auburn but somehow missed Cassady.

Suzanne made the funniest signs to cheer on our athletes... she took Olympian pictures and inserted Auburn, Kerry, & Cassady's faces. 

After the swim was the bike. We found another great place to sit and watch for our "team" - It was Auburn's bright shoes and Cassady's bright shirt that helped us spot each of them...

Finally, the run! The runners did a 5k loop twice to make up their 10k run. So we got some pictures of them passing us the first time and the second. This part was so exciting since they were almost finished!

Finishing the second loop of the run - and the entire race:

After the race... they all did so awesome! Auburn & Cassady's motto for the race was "in it to finish it" but they beat their goal by over 35 minutes! They did great, I can't even imagine. They trained really hard for close to 6 months - in the Arizona Summer. Crazy!

A few hours after the race we met up at a tasty Mexican restaurant.

Mom & Sisters shot in front of the beach! (We missed having Danielle with us)

We also missed having Auburn in our car but we love road-tripping together!

A few more randoms:

Babysitting Lucy is always entertaining. She found a few binkies and a baby to cuddle on the couch when she was ready for a nap this day...

She also danced along to the "hot dog song" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... which I replayed several times for her as I cleaned my house!

This picture makes me LOL every time I see it. I started to play with Lucy's hair one day and ended up doing a french braid down the middle, leaving the scraggly sides hanging. Scott said about the braid "No offense, but that's ugly" hahaha!! The big fat pony tail holder on her thin hair was just as funny to me as the hair hanging down on the sides.

Finally, this is a picture of Noah learning to pump gas. We pulled into the gas station and Russ said to me "I'm gonna teach my man how to pump gas for the ladies". Noah was so excited. He was coached by Russ who never got out of the car. I of course had to get out to take a picture and helped him use the credit card, but he did a perfect job and might be able to do it on his own from now on.

 Russ was maybe more excited about this moment than I was. He said to me "this might be the best thing we've ever done - we won't ever have to get out of the car again!"