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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas 2009 - part 2

I'm only about a month late posting this...

but Santa DID make it to our house! This is before the craziness began... Noah surprisingly stayed in his bed all night! We were excited to wake him up.

Here he is walking down the stairs and peeking around the wall to find out what Santa brought him.

He liked his bike....

... but I think he might have been more excited about the Wii game Santa left in his stocking.

He did love riding his bike though.

We picked up the girls and came back home for all the craziness to start. It was fun having a lot of noise in our house Christmas morning - much different than the last couple of years with just Noah & I.

The girls were all excited about what Santa left them. Tayler - an ipod; Kaitlyn - a DS; and Sophie - a couple of baby dolls and a stroller.

Next, we headed over to my parents' house for some fun. We talked to Brad then opened up stockings. Every year my parents think of the best, personalized little gifts for stockings.

My family's stocking had a new name on it this year!!

Moving on... the kids exchanged their gifts next and it was so cute... Roxy & Sophie had each other - look at them hugging, telling one another "thanks" for their gifts...

Roxy, Ellie, and Sophie all got matching baby dolls. Sophie's is almost as big as her!

My mom made my sisters and I aprons - and each of them totally matched our individual styles and decor of our houses. Soooooo cute!
My dad got all the guys fishing poles and they spent some time casting in the backyard! I should have taken a picture of that dang it!

Russ & I loved being together for Christmas, and having all of our kids with us for most of the day.

We had the Price family Christmas party the next day. It was supposed to be a dance party and every family had the assignment of choreographing a dance and performing it for everyone. Well everyone showed up without a dance so the rules were changed...each group was given about 20-30 minutes to make up a dance before the big performance. The little kids were taught a dance by Mary Ann; the tween girls made up their own; the boys did one; and then the 4 "moms" did one too.

Here are the tweens - they danced to "Party in the USA".

If I remember right, the little girls danced to the Bunny Hop song.

Next up were the boys. This one was my favorite! I don't remember what song they chose... but the dancing was awesome!

As for us girls... I wouldn't post any pictures even if I had some!! I am so embarrased of myself! I am sooooo not a performer - OR a dancer! But Krysta, Megan, and Christy all looked cute. We danced to the "Shoop Shoop" song (It's in his kiss). I love being part of this fun family... but next time please don't make me dance! (No Megan, I don't need the dance video!) haha

The dance party continued ... free style!

I love Christmas and everything that comes with it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009 - part 1

I'm finally getting around to my Christmas post... just part 1 for now!

We started the season in early November when we decorated the house and visited Santa at the mall.

Noah Sophie
The kids reading their books from Santa. I thought this was cute!
At the Arnett family party, Santa found Sophie...

...and Noah!
Russ opened our Christmas Family Home Evening with a Christmas hymn on his guitar and we all sang along. I loved it!
Classic FHE moment... look at Sophie raising her hand!
Noah's Grandma Hunt gave us a cute FHE packet and the kids loved hearing the story of Christ's birth and hanging the picture ornaments on the tree.
After the lesson we had a Christmas-sing-along and the kids danced!
One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music. And one of my new-found favorite things is to hear Russ sing and play on the guitar. So you can bet that I LOVED the music in my house this Christmas season. One morning Russ was playing as I was getting ready for work and it was so cute to see Noah just standing by him listening. He liked it too! I had to get a picture of it...
Christmas Eve, we got together with Russ's family and the kids (and some adults I guess) participated in the nativity scene. Noah was a cute little shepherd boy.
Russ was the narrator and Matthew - I think he was humming along to Mary Ann's piano music.
Kade was Joseph and Blake was Baby Jesus.
Aunt Megan shared her reindeer food with us so Santa would be sure to find our house.Then Noah set some cookies out for Santa and could hardly contain his excitement. I thought he might not go to sleep that night. More to come!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Russ & I went on our honeymoon to San Diego. We stayed either in or right by the Gaslamp District and had so much fun!

Here we are at Seaport Village (the only pic I got of us together).
We toured the Midway aircraft carrier. BOR-ING in my opinion. Either that or I was way too cold to appreciate it. I think Russ enjoyed it though. My cute new husband...
I think the best part about our trip was the hotel. Seriously, the nicest place I think I've ever been (and we got a smokin deal)!! I took so many pictures just to show my family how nice it was. They even give their guests complimentary slippers. LOL that I am so amazed by that. These pictures don't even do the hotel justice. There were 2 seperate sections in our room...
This is the outside of the hotel at night.
The lobby...
... and the bathroom.

Boring post, I know. If you ever go to San Diego though, you gotta stay at THE U.S. GRANT. It's close to a cute mall, a lot of restaurants, fun shops up and down the streets, Coronado Island, Seaport Village, the beach, and a lot more that we didn't have time to do. I want to go back every year for our anniversary. We had a blast together and made a lot of fun memories!