Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, August 15, 2011

phone pictures

I'm wishing for a new phone, but one thing I would hate to part with are some of my favorite pictures on my current one... they bring back such good & funny memories from over the past 2 years:

1. Russ looking cute on our 2nd date
 2. Noah looking cute on his first day of pre-K.
 3. Sophie looked so different 2 years ago...
 4. This is one of my favorites so I'm making it BIG! Sophie came home from church one day and tucked a shirt into her tights then pulled some boots on. She thought it was a cute outfit!!
 5. Russ tried on his snowboard gear the night before heading to the snow. What you don't see in this picture is that he was watching the Winter Olympics and wishing he could be part of it.
 6. Newborn Lucy
 7. Sad but so funny!
 8. I think this is my most favorite picture on my phone. Last year I picked up Ellie from school sometimes on Fridays then she went with me to get Noah at school. He was always excited to see her and disappointed on the Fridays she wasn't with me. Here they were holding hands all the way to the car. It was so cute!!
 9. My cute basket liner for my bike... my talented mother-in-law made it then I added the flowers.
 10. Lucy got into Noah's marker one day and Noah & I couldn't stop laughing at her expression in this picture!
 11. Lucy rode with me to get Noah from school one day...
 12. Russ loves to wear his socks half-way off when relaxing - I love that I have a picture of it!
 13. We had a scorpion situation one day when Russ wasn't home and I seriously didn't know what to do! I told Noah he had to get it since he was the man of the house while Russ was gone.
 14. Noah wasn't too happy. Although he tried to act tough, he was really scared - just as Ellie and I were as we stood back to watch him take care of it.
 15. Yes, he is crying. We ended up watching the scorpion for over an hour until Scott got off work and came over to take care of it.
 16. My 2 sleepy boys...
 17. I love nights when Russ serenades me!
 18. My sleepy boys again - I love sleeping pictures!
 19. A few days before school started - Ellie was over and wanted to do Noah's hair. She worked on it for a loooonnngg time and he just let her. It was cute!
 20. And lastly... Russ e-mailed this picture-note to me one day when he left on vacation. I loved it and haven't wanted to erase it. He's the best!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Lake Powell Pictures

Suzanne took just as many (or more) pics than I did that I wanted to document of Lake Powell...