Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Friday, January 3, 2014

December 2013

Cute matching sisters for church on December 1st

I had to take this picture just to remember Abby in her "boots with the fur"!

I came home late from a meeting one night and found these 3 snoozing in my bed!

For our 4-year anniversary, Russ and I celebrated with a weekend stay-cation in Scottsdale. We stayed at the Montelucia Resort, had a few nice meals, saw "Catching Fire" in a nice movie theater, and did some Christmas shopping too. It was nice to get away without any kids and we were so thankful for Aunt Suzy taking good care of Noah & Abby.

Mason returned home from his mission on December 11th. This is Russ and Matt welcoming him home at the airport that night.

Abby saw the chick-fil-a cow man dressed up as Santa and did NOT like it! Haha, I'm the mean mom that had to take the pictures of her being so scared before comforting her.

Santa visited our ward party and Noah was able to tell him what he wanted for Christmas.

Abby didn't even wake up when we sat her on Santa's lap with Noah!

We had some fun one weekend at the Sirrine's trainyard. There was a house with a huge trainyard in the back and Santa was even there for picture taking. Abby didn't like it!

We're hoping to keep this new Christmas tradition going... this was the second year in a row that we got together with the Sherwood family to have the kids act out the nativity scene, then we took a hay ride and sang Christmas carols. Afterward, we had donuts and hot chocolate. So fun!

Abby got sick with the stomach flu in December and it lingered for a whole week. Poor baby! We spent lots of time cleaning up the floors and clothes that had been puked on, as well as pooped on! You can tell from the next several pictures that she just didn't feel well.

(This picture cracks me up because she has a newborn-size binky in her mouth!)

Abby loves to cuddle her dad and watch him when he sleeps...

Christmas Eve... she was pretty happy and almost back to her normal self!

(Since I did a separate post for Christmas Day I'm skipping right over that)

Noah got several lego sets from Santa, parents, cousins, and grandparents for Christmas. This picture was taken just a few days after Christmas. He puts things together so quick!

For Christmas, Poppy gave Russ and Noah (along with all the other boys in the family) a ticket to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, because ASU was going to be playing. Poppy told the boys to wear gold since the opposing team's colors were red and black. So while packing for the trip, Russ and I told Noah he should wear his mustard pants with his gold sweatshirt. We started laughing and Noah knew it was a joke, but he still tried it on and let me take a picture since I offered him $2 for it!

Cutest bed-head girl!

While the boys were away on their trip, the girls partied together. We started with lunch at chick-fil-a and then did a little bit of shopping, then got pedicures.

That night for dinner, we went to LGO and Suzanne read us a book during the 45-minute wait we had to get a table.

The boys sent us some pictures from the game...

Lance and Noah found some seats on the front row that they sat in for awhile (until they got kicked out I'm sure)... they're the ones in the left front.

Abby and I put on our ASU gear to pretend like we were big ASU fans too!

All the girls (and babies) spent the night at Grandma's that night... cute Abby & Davis in their cuddly jammies :)

Girl fun!!

Suzanne snapped this picture the next morning... Abby is of course being the queen and lounging at the expense of everyone around her.

Russ and Bryan took the boys to a museum in San Diego on their way home from their trip. Here are several pictures of the museum / submarine they toured.