Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

I ♥ my boys!

Such handsome boys... I love them both for so many reasons.

First up - Noah: I've said it before - he can be such a sweetheart sometimes. He drew a picture of me & him together and wrote our names.... something about the sloppy handwriting and the people drawings he does are so cute to me. For some reason I can't throw this one away:
One day for homework he was supposed to draw a picture of the members of our family. I told him to make it nice - and "make the boys look like boys and the girls look like girls". He thought that meant to color the boys with a blue pencil & the girls with a red/pink pencil. (I love it. The boys have spikey hair and the girls have long hair but are bald on top.)

I love this picture of him too - he fell asleep in the car one night with his 'super noah' cape on still.

Now on to Russy: I don't need to list all the great things about him on here... but I love how he doesn't put up a fight and just lets me take pictures of him. I know someday I will look at this picture and remember how much I loved when he had his guitar out.  He was NOT playing here to see himself in the mirror - I think I had kicked him off the bed to put sheets on it or something. I love how he will play the guitar for me anytime I request it. A few weeks ago he woke the kids up with a "rock concert" (and made-up songs) in the hallway. Him & I were cracking up but nobody else in the house thought it was very funny!!

I also love how great Russ is to Noah. They are great buddies & Noah tries to be just like him. Today they wore matching clothes ... we took a trip to Target & the two of them ended up in the sports aisle playing catch with a football. I had to get my camera out when I found them because Noah had put his hat on backward just like Russ. Now that I have the pictures though... Noah's hat is off. What the heck? Anyway, it was cute.

A few days ago I heard Russ ask Noah what the best thing was about his life. Noah said "that I have you & mommy & the girls". I feel the same way - I ♥ my family. I love being a mom / wife to my favorite people!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

This past weekend Kaitlyn & I went to a scrapbook "late niter". I loved it but I think Kaitlyn did even more.

We've talked about making some banners for the holidays @ our house and Kaitlyn chose to make an Easter banner - it turned out so cute!

Tayler was at a slumber party so Sophie wanted to crawl in bed with Noah ... this is what Kaitlyn & I found when we got home that night.

The flash from the first pic woke Noah up a little and when he moved I saw his one arm under Sophie - total cuddlers!

Saturday we went to Saguaro Lake - the perfect activity for our family. Everyone loved it!

We decided to head in when it started raining pretty hard - and within about 5 minutes the rain stopped & this is what we saw:
So pretty! There was actually a double rainbow but the second one didn't show up in the picture.