Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, June 13, 2016

May 2016

These pictures were taken in April but we got them back this month... Abby's "Beautiful Doll" dance pictures turned out so cute!

 I took this pictures through the window on the door when I picked up Abby from nursery one day. It was so cute. She's in the pink dress and sitting by all her friends!

Abby loved being the star of the "stage" one night at Tyler's house...

Noah's end-of-the-year band concert (he played the saxophone)

On Abby's 3rd birthday, we got ourselves some Fiiz drinks and then went to the nail salon. When Abby has gone with me before, I've given her the option of a manicure or a pedicure, but she always wants both. For her birthday, I let her get both for once! I had also told her that we could get lunch anywhere she wanted this day, but all she wanted was a lunchable!

We invited the Price and Sherwood families over for dinner and fun to celebrate Abby... was a good time!

Noah has been busy as an 11-year-old scout. He earned lots of awards at this court of honor!

Sometimes when we go to the mall, I treat Abby to a ride on the toys, and she LOVES it!

This is what Russ looks like on a typical morning, leaving for work. He usually has a diet soda and a low-carb breakfast in his hand. On this day, he had leftover birthday treats!

Mother's Day with my 2 sweetest kids!

Abby heard me saying that I wanted a picture with my kids on Mother's Day, so she had me go outside and take this picture of her with her baby. She's gonna be a good mommy some day!

I took Abby to see "The Jungle Book" in a nice theater with reclining seats... she loved the popcorn and lost interest in the movie when she realized she could control the seat going up and down!

Abby likes to match with her dolls... and do their hair!

Kozie and Abby being good little mommies to their dolls :)

3-year old check-up: Abby weighed 32 lbs (64%) and was 38" tall (67%). The doctor said she was perfect, but we already knew that!

Noah with his Wham team and coach Scott (Graff) at the end of the season... Noah wore his neon for every game!

Abby matching with Ellie!

These pictures are blurry but they are still-shots from the video I took at Abby's dance recital. She performed a cute little tap dance to "Beautiful Doll"... in this picture, she's 2nd from the left.

She's on the far left here, making sure she's still on her mark!

She loves going to dance class each week with Kozie, her bff.

We cleaned out Abby's room one day and it looked like a bomb went off. She sat in the chair and took care of her dolls while I did all the work!

Then she climbed in and out of the crib (that doesn't get used anymore) as she played dress up.

I bought Abby a cute hat at the Target dollar spot, but she won't wear it like a girl wears hats. She wants to look "just like daddy.

More fun riding toys at the mall...

We got to go to the lake with Jared and Shanda and had fun wake surfing for the first time this summer. Why does Shanda have to be good at everything?!!! This should be my next goal on the surfboard, but she got so close to the back of the boat... I might be too scared!

Abbs got to be the flag girl that day!

It would be nice to someday surf as good as Russ too!

This is Abby on a typical Sunday night at Grandma & Poppy's house. Ellie dresses her up in her old dance costumes (it drives Russ crazy!) and then teaches her a dance to perform for everyone.

Noah finished the 5th grade and got an award for being on Principal's Honor Roll every quarter!

His teacher, Mrs. Vietel, sent home this picture she took of Noah at 'meet the teacher' almost a year ago... I love it so much. What a handsome boy!

Abby is so good at riding her bike. She can even stand up and ride.

Abby loves having friends over. Here's Kozie and Boston, eating breakfast and watching Micky Mouse Club House!

Boston found these doll glasses and walked around with them on like it was no big deal. Abby and Kozie thought it was the funniest thing ever. So did I!

We "camped" in our backyard one night... Noah set up his own little tent and slept in it alone while the rest of us slept all together in a bigger tent...

Abby cuddled up next to Dad while I got to sleep up high on the cot!

 Sophie and Kaitlyn cuddled up on the other side of the tent :)

The next day, we headed out to the desert to do some riding, along with Brad and Suzanne and Ellie. 

We found a mining cave on our trail and went in to check it out!

I talked Russ into staying home from Crossfit on Memorial Day to do a Kayla Itsines workout with me instead. Then Russ talked Noah into finishing the last half or so with us. It's not easy!

The next day (after Memorial Day), I left for girls' camp with our ward (we combined with Brimhall ward). We went to the Forest Lakes area and had a fun time! I was able to stay for only 1 night (2 days) because Tanner and Tyler were married a few days later... but I had a good time while I was there!

(Whitney teaching Brother O. the 'whip & nae-nae for our skit... hahahaha!!!)

While I was away at girls' camp, Russ and Noah attended our stake's Zion Camp for a few days and picked me up on their way back home. They both had a great time!