Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July 2016

July started out so great with our trip to Flagstaff but during the rest of the month - we didn't do much besides enjoy summer! Here are the pictures we took throughout the month...
 I always have to document my holiday decor to remember it for next year!

We got to babysit the twins one night and we were all in heaven! Sophie and Noah were both such great helpers. We now call Noah the Clark whiperer. These boy cousins love each other!

And Sophie loved taking care of Miss Ivy!

 This same night, the air conditioning in the kitchen and family room stopped working. In the middle of July! We moved into my room with the babies for the rest of the night.

 I was loving these cuddles!

Noah is such a good, hard worker. He usually just gets his jobs done without complaining and makes the best of it. I had to snap a picture of him mowing the lawn with his headphones on...

This picture was taken to document what my hair looks like when I don't do anything to it and just let it air dry. So scary!! I envy people who can run errands without doing their hair and still look decent!

Ellie and Noah got dropped off at the mall one day and I couldn't believe they were old enough to be at the "mall rat" stage! They had some fun times together this summer. 

Abby was worn out and so cute after swimming on this day.

Cutest little monkey sneaking food from the pantry!

"National Ice Cream Day" landed on a Sunday and Auburn had the grand idea of celebrating with LOTS of homemade ice cream. It was so much fun. We all made a different kind. Mine was the nastiest (a new pina colada recipe I found online) but there was lots of yummy ice cream!

I finally took Abby shopping at Toys R Us with the money she got for her birthday from Grandpa Price. She picked out a doctor set and a play microwave. 

Celebrating Lucy's birthday at her "rainbow" party...

Cute sisters struggling to wake up for 8:30 church!

This little woman is obsessed with the ipad.

I have always hated the shape of my eyebrows. I got them micro-bladed at the end of the month and here is a before / after. I am still trying to get used to the thickness but I really like having them look a little more symmetrical now!

We took a day trip up to Flagstaff to help on the lot. Russ and Noah did the helping (with my dad, Bryan, and Jax) - but Abby and I were pretty useless. We ended up staying in Flagstaff overnight because I couldn't bear to go to church with my really dark and shiny new eyebrows the next day. hahaha! So Russ did some dirtbike riding while I took Noah and Abby to see Finding Dory. We had a fun day together.