Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014

We started off the month of May with Russ & Noah heading off to our ward's Father & Son's campout... they had a great time while Mom & Abby partied with Grandma, aunts, & cousins at home.

Sunday nights at Grandma & Poppy's house are the best kind of Sunday nights...

Noah's baseball games continued all through May (and into June even)... but the weather was never too bad! Abby always had fun crawling around on the blanket, eating snacks, or sitting in the "big girl" chair.

Noah hit a homerun during this game!! He was too cool to smile for the picture though :)

Noah received his BEAR for cubscouts during the month of May. He had to crawl around in the "bear den" but he survived!

Sophie hit her head on a door at the church during pack meeting and had to get stitches :( 
She was so brave though and didn't even cry!

Noah participated in the 4th Grade Battle of the Books. He enjoys reading and is really good at it!

We attended Wilson's end-of-the-year pool party at Brimhall Pool and Abby had a great time! She was busy looking cute in her swimsuit and splashing in the water while Noah spent most of his time jumping off the high dive. Ellie came with us too and Abby loved having her around.

Our first lake trip of the season!! Abby did great in her life jacket, and Noah had fun with his friend Charlie...

Abby's first ride in her "big girl" car seat! She obviously loved it.

Kaitlyn finished 8th grade! These pictures were taken at her 8th grade promotion.

Abby loves ice cream. Like her mommy! She was begging Noah for bite after bite by screaming at him. At one point he told her, "Abby, you can't just rely on ice cream, animal crackers, and bottles. You need to eat real food too." And then he proceeded to give her another bite of his blizzard! It's true... Abby isn't a great eater unless we're talking about all those things Noah listed.

Last day of school celebration at Bahama Bucks!

We had a great time at the Evans' family cabin in Show Low with our friends, the Davis family... Noah had a blast with his friend Trenton, and Abby met some new friends that took great care of her!

Testing out Dad's dirtbike!

Kaitlyn attended girls' camp and had a great time. We have great girls in our ward and Macy and Nicole (in the top picture and bottom picture) are a few of her best friends.

We went to SeaLife Aquarium with our Pogo Passes and the kids had a blast.