Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 2014

Abby got her first haircut on July 1st (14 months old) by Natalie Hall. She went from a mullet to a cute little bob, but by the end of July she was needing another haircut!
On the morning of July 4th, we went to Wilson (our neighborhood school) to participate in a "bike parade". We decorated our bikes / float (bike trailer) then rode around the block with lots of friends and neighbors. We ended at the school and ate donuts. We got to see the Baldwins since we live in the same neighborhood...

Abby & Davis

Mommy & Abby

Abby in her parade float... with Noah the proud big brother!

Daddy & Abby

Mommy, Abby, Daddy, and Noah

Later that day, we drove to Payson for their fireworks show. We got there several hours before the fireworks show so we just hung out in the nice weather... much nicer than home! Sadly, it started pouring rain right at 9:00 when the fireworks were supposed to start, so we left. The next day we found out that the fireworks did happen after we left!

Abby pretty much makes herself at home wherever we go!

This is what happened the day after we got home from Lake Powell. Dad left for work in the morning and Abby stood at the door and cried for him. He had not been to work in 10 days (with the holiday happening right before our vacation) and she didn't like that he had to go back (neither did mom).

Such a big girl riding the skitter at Grandma & Poppy's house!

We had a fun lunch outing at Chick Fil A with Noah, Sophie, Abby, and Mom!

Cousin Otto eating pizza with Abby at Grandma Price's house

Monkey girl!

We went to a Diamondbacks game and the kids got to meet Baxter the bobcat...

(Abby liked him better from far away.)

Abby loves her daddy!

Bowling with cousins as one of our last fun summer activities!

This is Noah launching a paper rocket... he made the rocket at cub scout day camp, and Russ built a rocket launcher!

Abby going for a ride in Grandma Riggs's wheelchair with Roxy

Visiting our sweet grandma Riggs!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lake Powell Vacation

Our big summer vacation happened in July and we went to Lake Powell with the Sherwood family. We were so excited as we left our house that morning...

(Tayler and Sophie did not come.) 

The kids enjoyed switching things up so they got to ride with cousins their age. Kaitlyn went with the Gibbons to be with Riggs and Jax, and Noah went with Ellie and Roxy in Grandma & Poppy's truck. 

We stopped for lunch on the way and Suzy taught Abby how to dip her french fries... her life will never be the same!

We were glad to have golf carts that transported us from our cars to the houseboat when we got to the lake. This is a picture that tells how excited everyone was to get there!

We had a great time being with our family and coordinating swimsuits / clothes to be "matching"...

Some of our favorite things to do at the lake...
 Kaitlyn wakeboarding

Russ surfing

Suzanne surfing

Shalae on double-skis

Abby surfing with daddy

Shalae surfing

Noah went fishing one day with Poppy, Bryan, Roxy, and Brad

All the boys tubing... Jax, Davis, Riggs, Noah

Jax, Noah, and Ellie

Riggs, Jax, Ellie and Noah were the 4 tube masters. They couldn't get enough!

Scott, Alisse, and Auburn before a bad crash

Alisse, Davis, Suzanne, Shalae, Abby

Noah, Ellie, and Roxy on a tubing outing with Poppy and Grandma

Scott, Davis, Lucy, Roxy, Shalae, and Abby going for a slow baby ride!

The 4 tube masters double-tubing

Scott & Davis on the wave-runner

Scott & Lucy

Riggs, Jax, and Auburn

Alisse, Suzanne, and Auburn

We had lots of fun just being on the boat. One day we took a long ride that included a stop for lunch and swimming, then another pit-stop at Antelope Marina, aka "Cantaloupe Island" for ice cream and swimming in a "pool". 


Russ and I took some of the kids to do the dam tour on our last day... so we're good for several more years now :)

The best memories were made on the night of our "Sherwood Family 2nd Annual Variety Show". Auburn was our host who organized everything and there were so many great performances...

Grandma & Poppy performing Kenny & Dolly's "I'll be Home with Bells On"

Roxy's solo

Lucy's solo

Sisters' dance... "Fat Bottom Girls"

Noah's lip synch "Story Of My Life"

Kaitlyn, Ellie and Roxy performing "Black Horse"

Riggs's "special cartwheel"

Suzanne's solo... "Idiot Boyfriend"

The Gibbons' family number... "Sherwood family evolution"... they found a song that was popular for every year someone in our family was born and then danced to it with moves that were also popular during that time. It was the best!

Lucy & Lance performing "popcorn popping"

Brad & Danielle ... "my boo"

Abby loved the show!

Davis performing "Oh Davis, that's so wimpy. Give it all you got. Go!" with help from Scott.

Alisse & Lucy's number

 Roll call shaboom, shake shake shaboom...
the grandkids all performed this one...

Hi my name is Abby, and as you can see...
I do the "tooters" on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Davis, and as you can see...
I love GRAPES on the Sherwood team. 

Hi my name is Lucy, and as you can see...
I have the cutest dimples on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Roxy, and as you can see...
I am the most flexible on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Noah, and as you can see...
I am the strongest on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Ellie, and as you can see...
I am the craziest on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Jaxen, and as you can see...
I am the best looking on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Kaitlyn, and as you can see...
I am the musician on the Sherwood team.

Hi my name is Riggs, and as you can see...
I am the best dancer on the Sherwood team.

It was so fun to be with each other... these kids all got along so well!

Poppy & Davis

Abby & Davis

Lots of time was spent doing hair! Suzanne had lots of clients every morning but a few times the younger girls played with my hair and I LOVED it!
21 people made for a really crowded houseboat!

Lots of the "boys" would meet up for "manly boat evening" at night, probably to escape the crowded houseboat.

Scott & Davis

Kaitlyn, Abby, and Lucy hanging out on the back of the houseboat

This was Abby's bed during our trip... right in the family room of the houseboat! We were usually the last to go to bed and she was so ready for her own bed by the end of the week!

Abby decided early one morning that mom & dad's bed looked better than her's so she made herself comfy...

Kaitlyn & Abby

Ellie and Abby at dinner (R.D.'s) one night:

Abby loved to stand right here at the edge of the houseboat and watch for fish in the water!