Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sophie turned 8

Sophie turned 8 on October 29th. We had a few different celebrations for her...

The first was with the Sherwood family when we celebrated October birthdays on a Sunday night.

(Ellie & Roxy holding up the birthday girl)

 The next celebration was the day after her birthday, when we had her on a Tuesday night. She chose Chinese food for dinner and opened up a lot of clothes, shoes, and a new scooter.
 The third celebration was when she was baptized!

Leading up to the baptism...

Grandma Price made her a dress in the style and colors Sophie picked out. We snapped a few pics (nicer ones with a prettier background still to come!) for her invitation...

... and sent out a cute baptism announcement

Sophie was so excited for her baptism day! After counting down the days it was finally time.

November 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to support Sophie! A few family members left before we got this picture but she had a big crowd there for her!

It was a big month for our family and so special to watch each of these 8-year-olds be baptized!

We celebrated at home later that night with our family and Grandma Price. 

Each of the latex balloons in the picture below had a note inside for Sophie to read. The notes were cute stories about Sophie or things we love about her. As she popped each balloon and read the note inside, she had to guess who wrote that note.

She was so funny as she popped the balloons. She would close her eyes and look the other way! 

After reading the notes, Sophie said "those were really sweet" and Russ told her that's because she's really sweet. It's true - Sophie is such a sweet 8 year old!

Sun the Sun Run

On November 10, a lot of our family members participated in the Shun the Sun Run. I wasn't one of them, sadly! Watching everyone take off that day looked like so much fun but I wouldn't have lasted for even one mile! (It's been awhile since I've ran.)

Here are the runners before their races:

Russ, Suzanne, Auburn & Scott taking off for their 10K

Lance taking off for his 5K

My mom, Alisse, and I were there to support and the kids had a good time Gangnum Style dancing and playing on Ellie's touch as we waited for the runners...

(Lucy was the cutest little cupcake)
It wasn't long before we were watching for everyone to finish their races. Lance came in first...
(screenshot of a video I took)

... then it was time to watch for our 10K people to start finishing.

Suzanne was the first one, sprinting towards the finish line

Auburn followed her within about 30 seconds

Next was Scotty

And then Russ

I was so impressed with all of their times!

After these runs were finished, it was time for the family fun run to start. These were the cutest participants.

 When the race started Noah took off sprinting. It was hilarious to watch - he was determined to "win" the race. Ellie was going pretty fast too!

Surprisingly at the end of the race, Noah was still going pretty fast. Ellie was right behind him - they were a little team and stuck together!

It was a fun day to watch my boys and team Sherwood!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Noah turned 8

Noah turned 8 on Sunday the 21st so the Friday before, I took treats in to his class at school. His teacher is so cute and really made him feel special with a birthday kid shirt to wear and a special treat she made for him.

Sunday morning on his actual birthday, we had cinnamon rolls and he opened presents. It was a LEGO NINJAGO birthday. He is obsessed!

Sunday night we celebrated more at Grandma & Poppy's house...

Monday, Lucy and I picked him up from school and went to Panda Express for lunch. Chinese is Noah's favorite!

Tuesday, he got to go to cub scouts for the first time. I loved seeing him in the scout uniform. I never thought I'd be excited about anything scouts-related but I was wrong. There are so many boys Noah's age in our ward and it's so fun to see them get together. Noah is already loving it!

Next up was Noah's baptism. 

I'm thankful to be Noah's mom and to be married to such an great person that could baptize and confirm my sweet boy. Russ did a great job.

Proud mom, blurry picture!
Sibling shot

This is Maggie, a sweet girl in our ward that was baptized the same day as Noah. We had fun telling Noah that the next day when the bishop called them up to get their baptism certificates in sacrament meeting, that he needed to get Maggie and hold her hand as they walked up to the podium.

I am so sad to say that those are the only pictures that I took at the church. Noah had so many people support him from our ward friends, the Hunt family, Sherwood family, and Price family. I wish I had a photo to document it all but I don't, dangit! 

Alisse did, however, get some really cute pictures of Noah in his handsome baptism suit at the temple. 


We had a little celebration after the baptism with dessert, snack food, and a movie highlighting Noah's life from birth to age 8. I had so much help with the party and I'm so thankful to my mom and sisters and all they did to make Noah's day special.


Noah's day ended perfectly for him when cousin Cole got to spend the night! These 2 have so much fun together and don't get to see each other enough.

One last thing about Noah - a few days after the baptism I told him to find a book to read for his daily reading. He came back to me with a Book of Mormon and asked if he could read that. I helped him with the big words but was amazed when he asked me to explain something he had read. He said, "does God really sit on a throne in heaven?" - I was impressed that he wasn't just reading, but actually paying attention to what it meant. 
I love this boy so much. I'm a proud mom!