Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013

*In April, I finished the baby's room! I worked on it for about 6 weeks or so and loved the way it turned out. I enjoyed organizing the clothes, accessories, blankets, etc - just as much as I liked decorating it.

*I also hit the 36 week point in my pregnancy and packed my stuff for the hospital! Every time I walk by the baby's room and see my luggage (and car seat) sitting there, I get anxious. Anxious as in a little bit nervous but mostly excited!
*On April 16, Alisse had her baby boy! I got to be in the room to witness his birth and it was so special. His name is Davis Crew Baldwin and he is the cutest little thing! 
*I've included a picture of my swollen feet (and lower legs)... they have looked like this since about 30 weeks - that's 10 weeks of not only ugly feet, but feet that hurt really bad! I really can't wait to see the bones in my feet again (like Suzanne's, in the comparison picture) and to fit in my shoes!
*I also included a picture of my baby bump progression from 4 weeks through 39 weeks. I'm officially 39 weeks today (April 30) and I'm being induced in just a few days... May 2!!
*Not much has been going on in April besides preparing for our baby to be born. We are so excited! Russ picked up some pretty pink flowers to welcome the baby and I'm hoping they don't die before she gets here!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

February / March 2013

*The day after we got home from Hawaii (2/20/13), it snowed in Mesa. It was crazy!!
*Baseball season started! Noah is playing on the FARM division this year, a division between coach-pitch and minors. So far he has played several positions including catcher and pitcher. It's so fun to watch his games! (Go Cubs!)
*Noah has also been passing off goals from his Scout book and his Faith in God book every Sunday. One day he helped me make an entire meal for our family, including cutting up the fruit. I taught him how to cut the pineapple like I had been taught at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii.
*We threw a surprise baby shower for Alisse... so fun to have all the girls in our family together!
*Kaitlyn turned 13 on March 26th. Christy & John's family were in town so we all went to see "The Croods" at the movie theater after she opened her presents and we had root beer floats!
*The Westover and Hess families were all in town for Easter weekend so we did a lot of fun things with the Price family. Saturday, Grandpa Price & Kathy took us out to Sycamore creek where we had a picnic and just hung out. The kids got in the water and played wiffle ball too!
*Saturday night with everyone in town, our families threw us a couples baby shower. It was so fun to open up little tiny baby girl stuff! The food was great and the company was the best - all the people we love most!
*Alisse and I are both due within the next month, about 2-3 weeks apart. We had to get a belly shot together!
*Easter morning, the kids found swim suits, jewelry / batting gloves, and candy in their baskets. Even the baby got some fun stuff in her basket :)
*After church on Easter, we celebrated with the Price family at Matt & Krysta's house. Grandma put together a fun egg hunt for both adults and kids, complete with prizes for everyone. It was lots of fun, especially since everyone was in town!
*After the Price family Easter celebration, we headed to Grandma & Poppy's for the Sherwood family Easter festivities. The Easter Bunny (Riggs) showed up for the egg hunt!