Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning before anybody was awake... 

I was testing our my panoramic setting on my phone camera. I had to include both pictures because I actually like the dark lighting in the first picture but the second picture shows the kids' gifts better.

The kids waiting to go downstairs...

Santa brought Sophie an "American Girl" doll - I mean an "Our Generation" doll and lots of accessories and clothes to go with it. She was so excited!

Noah got a new red 3DS... sadly his old DS was stolen from the car at the car wash :(

Tayler received new Converse shoes, a sports bag for basketball, and some Nike socks she wanted :)

Kaitlyn got the guitar she wanted so bad and is excited to learn how to play it.

Christmas aftermath...

Sophie trying on new clothes. I think she looks so much like cousin Jane in this picture!

In the afternoon, Russ, Noah, and I went to my parents' to celebrate. We started with stockings. My parents always fill them with fun and meaningful gifts. I loved getting a little onesie for a baby girl this year!

Next up was the gift exchange. It was funny to watch the gag gifts that some people opened. Lucy opened up a set of antelope plates that Auburn said she found at the dollar store on clearance for 27 cents. Hahaha!!

Russ opened another one of Auburn's specials. I told him it was actually a great gift for him to open because he won't have to make a run to Walgreens for his daughters anytime soon. Then someone reminded me that I would be needing them soon after the baby is born! Russ won't have to be the errand boy either way. Noah asked Russ "what is that" and he told him "underwear protectors". So funny!!

Next, the kids were spoiled by my parents. One by one, starting with Tayler, Kaitlyn, and Sophie the day before - the kids opened up a present from my parents and found a letter taped to their present somewhere. Eventually after all the kids had opened up their presents and put their letters together, they spelled out the word D I S N E Y L A N D. My parents told them they were buying them each a ticket to Disneyland!!

I thought that was such an awesome surprise for the kids and us parents as well... but the surprises didn't stop there. My parents seriously spoil us every Christmas. Each couple opened up an ipad mini!

That wasn't even the end of the surprises! My mom gave each of the girls the CUTEST birthday cakes that she had sewn. I want to find a place in my house to hang it all the time, but at the very least it will be out on display anytime we have a birthday in our family. I LOVE it!

 I'm so thankful for the Christmas season and the happy traditions and memories that are made. I am thankful for the reason that we celebrate and for my Savior. I hope that with a new year coming up, I can be more like Him.

Simon the Elf

 Saturday December 1st, we received an ELF ON THE SHELF... after much debate and taking a vote, our family decided on his name being Simon. 

We kept him in his box and set him up on the counter.
The next morning, we found him busted out of his box and stretching out! There was also a note from him saying that he would update our nice/naughty list each night before returning to the North Pole, and that if necessary - parents could touch him to move him but the kids could not. He also said in his note that he liked the name we picked out for him!

Each day, we found Simon in a new spot in our home. Here is a picture to document where he was found each morning...

Sunday December 2:
stretching after busting out of his box

 Monday December 3rd:
he pulled Noah's Halloween candy down and ate some chocolate obviously!

Tuesday December 4th:
Simon repelled with a marker in his hand to turn Sophie into an angel, Noah into a devil, Kaitlyn into an elf, and Tayler into a Mexican cowboy.

 Wednesday December 5th:
relaxing a hot tub full of marshmallow bubbles

Thursday December 6th:

Friday December 7th:
playing with Noah's Ninjago toys

Saturday December 8th: 
Noah had spent the night at Ellie's and Simon was found there in the morning, hanging out with Ellie's elf Elsie.

Sunday December 9th:
hanging out inside of the new stocking he brought himself from the North Pole

 Monday December 10th:
cuddling with Baby Jesus

Tuesday December 11th:
drinking syrup

Wednesday December 12th:
out on a date with Barbie (uh oh - Elsie's gonna be mad!)

Thursday December 13th:
hanging out in the bathroom for Noah to find him in the morning

Friday December 14th:
he rolled all the way from the top of the stairs to the bottom inside of a toilet paper roll

Saturday December 15th:
waiting for the kids to watch the Elf on the Shelf movie with him, and a bag of popcorn

Sunday December 16th:
all the stuffed animals in the playroom trapped Simon inside of a jar

Monday December 17th:
waiting for Noah to get ready for school in the morning, with a good reminder to "be good"

Tuesday December 18th:
elf-sized chain with 7 links and a note saying "one more week to go!"

Wednesday December 19th:
trying to escape out the front door on a horse

Thursday December 20th:
hanging upside down from the monkey ropes in Noah's room

Friday December 21st:
just chillin in the playroom

Saturday December 22nd:
he made a mess of all the toys and dress-up clothes in the play room
 (close up)

Sunday December 23rd:
reading scriptures... Luke chapter 2 - the Christmas story

Monday December 24th:
Ellie had spent the night at our house so this time her elf Elsie followed her to our house and played games and ate cookies with Simon

Simon caught a ride back to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve and didn't come back. He left a note for the kids saying that he would be back next December!

Noah is probably glad that the elf is gone for a year because he was scared every morning to find it. I think he was afraid it would jump out and scare him or something. In that case, I'm also glad Simon is gone for a year... searching the house every morning with Noah was getting a little old!

December pictures

We started December 1st off at Breakfast with Santa where the kids got to make Christmas crafts and visit Santa at Noah's school.

 Later that day we took Sophie shopping for the other kids. This year the kids each earned $20 to buy their siblings Christmas gifts. She was so excited to pick stuff out for everyone, it was so cute.

 December 3rd, Russ and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was a perfect day - Russ stayed home from work and him and I went out to lunch and also did some Christmas shopping. Nothing too romantic but so nice to have him home on a week day!

Russ loves Duck Dynasty. Here he is watching the Christmas special with his bandana on to fit in with the Robinson boys!

 Later in the month, Sophie and I went to Ellie and Roxy's dance recital. So cute!

Sunday night the 16th, we had a fun night with the Sherwood family. We started with a nice formal dinner...

... then the kids presented a nativity with Tayler as the narrator and Auburn as the director!

 We also did a hay ride and caroling...


 ... and finished the night with hot chocolate and donuts. It was so fun!

 Our Christmas card this year:

Monday the 17th, we found out that our baby is for sure a girl!

I had kept the receipts for all this fun girl stuff but now I don't have to take it back.

 That night we also went to the Riggs family Christmas party. Grandma Riggs is the best!

 20 weeks picture...

Arnett Family Christmas party... Santa brought Noah & Sophie gifts! 

Saturday the 22nd, I went with Lance to  help pick out a Christmas gift for Suzanne. The plan was a new bike or a new TV. We ended up with a puppy though!

 I got to keep the dog at my house and Noah and the dog quickly became friends. When Noah woke up the next morning the puppy was so happy to see him!

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of the dog - his laziness reminded me so much of Majerle, and he was the sweetest dog. I was so excited for Suzanne to get this puppy and couldn't wait for her to see him on Christmas!

 The puppy was laying by the red garbage can because we had ribs for dinner and the bones were in there!! haha

On Christmas Eve,  Russ attended crossfit in red shorts and a green shirt. It was supposed to be "dress up for Christmas day" but him and 1 other person were the only people to dress up!