Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brad & Danielle

March 2, 2012 - Brad & Danielle were married. 

The reception was so cute, and SO cold!! 

I'm so happy to have Danielle as my S-I-L. She's so sweet and perfect for Brad!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

February Fun

February 1st, Russ had hernia surgery. The before and after pics are funny.

Here he is all chipper and ready to go!

And here he is afterward, sleepy and not feeling very good. Since the surgery, he has totally recovered and been given the OK by the doctor to resume normal activities. So he can start helping to lift things more than 20 pounds, don't let him tell you he can't!!

Next up... Mormon Prom -
Suzanne had a lot to do with putting it together and it turned out so cute. Anyway, she took Ellie and Noah with her to stop by that night, and we turned them into a couple that went to the Prom together. I was cracking up because I don't think the kids really understood what was so funny about it. Here they are getting "prommed up".

I was hoping for Ellie and Noah to do a prom pose and get a picture but Ellie didn't want to. So Noah found a new date!

Weekend fun -

We celebrated Valentines a little early when we had all the kids with us. We did a bike ride, played at the park, and enjoyed the best AZ weather!

Thanks to Pinterest we played Valentines Bingo and everyone was a winner. The first person to win got to pick from the candy basket first and that's how it went. I think Ellie was our first winner!

We also had some pink punch and pink heart cookies ... again, all thanks to Pinterest.

 New Mexico -

February 12 (Sunday), Russ had to leave to New Mexico for the week (for work). He had to drive a box truck over there so I decided to keep him company for a few days. We left at about 9pm Sunday night. I did my best to stay awake but I still feel bad that I left him awake by himself a few times.

He did pull over to sleep a few times. We were parked under some bright lights so we both put on our sunglasses and went to sleep. Russ also got comfy by loosening his belt buckle! Between the naps we took and driving slowly through falling snow... we finally reached our destination at about 8am on Monday. From there we started right in on the work to be done. I got to see first-hand how hard Russ (and his partners) worked when they went to NM.

We drove around in a few different trucks for the few days that I was there.This one's driver side window was stuck (in the down position) - and it was so cold outside!

I got to spend Valentines Day with Russ and watch snow fall that night! I have only seen that happen a few times in my life! The next morning I flew home, excited to see Noah but missed Russ for a few more days.

 This picture is just funny to me - Noah was trying to help Lucy play a game and she was loving it.

Crazy sock day at school...

Danielle's shower -
The table of course looked perfect and the food was delicious!

I'm so excited to have a new sister! We are all so happy with the kind of girl Brad chose, she is the cutest, sweetest person and now there are 6 of us girls!

President's Day -

 Noah was spoiled rotten on this school holiday. He got to spend the morning with Russ at work. I'm told that he helped in the warehouse, got a big drink at the gas station, and even got to ride a little dirt-bike around the shop. I met up with them around lunch time and took Noah to his next fun stop.

 Next, Noah met up with his dad to eat lunch and ride bikes at the park. He loved it!

He also got to go to the zoo with Ellie and Lucy. Suzanne, Alisse, and I took the kids and of course spent most of the time at the orangutan exhibit! This was Lucy's first time and it was cute to watch her see real-life animals!

 I love my buddy boy so much!

 Before the day was over, we made one more fun stop. We went out to Grandpa Price's house for a little BBQ. This picture is so dark you but if you look close you can see Grandpa (in his cowboy hat), and Noah walking hand-in-hand. Russ's family is so sweet to Noah. I don't think Noah knows the difference between biological and step parents / grandparents. All he feels is love from everyone!

I don't have a picture to document it but the best day in February was when we received a letter in the mail we had been waiting for, for a LONG time. Russ and I were approved by the First Presidency of the church to be sealed. That is happening in March and we are SO excited!