Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Monday, November 7, 2016

October 2016

General Conference fell on the weekend starting October 1st, which meant that's when we updated our 72-hour kits. The kids love doing this as we watch conference, because they get to snack on everything that we remove from the old kits!

Russ took the kids on a few Teryx (and dirtbike) rides this month... here are some fun pictures they took:

 Abby and Davis finished up the 8-week preschool program that they did through the Town of Gilbert. They loved it! We took the next 8-weeks off and will probably sign up again next semester.

(With Ms. Debbie on the last day of class)

Russ finished installing the french doors that replace the sliding back door. I LOVE it!! And I really love my 2 Magnolia wreaths on there!

 Abby loves her aunt Suzy and sometimes I think that she wishes she lived with Suzy full time. She has spent the night with her a few times lately and also took a fun bike ride with her one morning!

We took a day trip up to the Flagstaff house during Fall Break - Abby had fun climbing on the dirt pile while Ellie and Noah hung out underneath the house doing some work for Poppy...


I'm sure it will be fun someday to look back on these pictures of what the cabin looked like before being completely built.

Abby hanging out with Lucy (and the other girls) at Jaxen's football game.

Ipad addict


Hudson was born on October 17th and shocked everyone with all his hair! He is the cutest boy... I didn't get to see him until he was 3 days old because I was sick the day he was born :(

Abby and BFF Kozie trying on their dance costumes for their upcoming recital!

Noah on the morning of his 12th birthday: we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and he opened a few small gifts (including basketball cards) before heading off to school...

He invited a few friends (Nathan and Wyatt) to have a fun night with him going to Extreme Air, then picking up pizza and taking it - along with their bikes - to Discovery Park. Afterward we went to Dairy Queen for dessert!

(while we were at Discovery Park, Russ helped Abby try to ride her bike without training wheels. She had been asking for a few weeks to do this - although she did pretty well, I think she's still too little!)

Abby had a blast at the Halloween store with me!

Posing at the pumpkin patch...

Abby attending a fun Halloween Party put on by Klorissa (Kozie's mom)... she was such a cute Minnie Mouse!

 We got to babysit Ivy one day while Danielle took Clark to the doctor. We had so much fun with her and Ivy loved swinging in our backyard!

Carving / painting pumpkins for Family Home Evening!

We had Davis over to play and this is what him and Abby did... I think it's a 3-year old's version of fort building while watching a movie!

We got pedicures one day with Abby's friend Ellie and her mom Vannie... perfect size seat for some cute little girls!

This is a picture of Noah and his scoutmaster, Ryan Forman (and his son Garrett) before heading off on Noah's first campout as a Deacon. They went to the lake and went fishing, kayaking, and of course camped overnight in tents.

Cute sisters Abby & Sophie!

We had a girls' night out to celebrate Sophie turning 12! She chose Red Robin for dinner, then we went to her school carnival for a few minutes and picked up Roxy who was working at it, then we went shopping at SanTan mall. We ended the night with some Dairy Queen and had lots of fun together! Landri also turning 12 during October so I got a few good shots of the birthday girls together. 

One of the Beehive leaders and some of the Beehives in our ward woke Sophie up on her birthday with a heart-attacked door, and cupcakes in her favorite flavor. They are so excited for her to join them and she is excited as well!

 A few hours later, we had (another!) breakfast of cinnamon rolls and Sophie opened a few of her presents. That afternoon, we went out to eat (she chose Oreganos!) and she finished opening up the rest of her gifts.

Our ward's trunk-or-treat fell on Sophie's birthday this year. She dressed up as a steampunk, and Russ did her makeup pretty well!

We ended the night with a treat from Fiiz, and I loved seeing these Raggedy Ann & Andy people there!

Sunday the 30th, Noah was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood by Russ. It was a special day to have all these people there supporting him...

(All the men who were there for the ordination)

(Grandpa & Grandma Hunt)

(Grandma Vicki and Poppy)

(Bishop Smith)

(Cute cousins Ellie and Roxy)

(Grandpa Price)

(Mom and Russ, proud parents!)

I thought we would like having a picture of these 2 together...

 Halloween Night, Abby was in character!

She liked passing out candy even more than trick or treating!

I always have to take a picture of my holiday decor for reference the next year!

Last... this actually happened in November but I'm adding it to the October blog since that's when Noah turned 12. He was spotlighted in sharing time and then taken to priesthood with the Deacons. He is such a good and handsome boy!