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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November 2015

As soon as Halloween was over, we decorated for Thanksgiving! It's been so fun to decorate for each holiday in our new house. The funny part about decorating for Thanksgiving... is that it came down within 2 weeks of it going up, so we could decorate for Christmas.

Abby knew she looked cute this day and was in such a good mood. We were on our way to the mall in Grandma Vicki's car and she said "I'm so happy"!

This is Kip and Napoleon, I mean Noah and Abby - riding around the neighborhood with Noah's contraption. Abby loved it and I love that Noah likes to entertain her.

Abby and I took a trip to Chandler mall one day (she chose her Minnie Mouse high heels) and for the first time, I kind of let Abby call the shots. Other than the shopping I had to do in Gap, Abby picked everything else. She picked what she wanted for lunch, where she wanted to sit, and what she wanted to do. I let her ride on the quarter-machine rides and she was in HEAVEN! I loved seeing her so happy and realized I need to slow down and do that kind of stuff more often.


Abberdeen is the queen deen. She loves to cuddle on mom & dad's bed.

We visited our Veteran grandpas' graves on Veterans Day this year. It was a perfect time to be at the Mesa Cemetery because as we were there, a military plane formation flew overhead in honor of the Vets.


Abby had slept over at Grandma & Poppy's house the night before with cousins and was so tired!

After the Mesa Cemetery, we headed over to Riggs's cemetery where we left a plant and had a picnic with Grandma, aunts, and cousins.

November is the month that the tv wall was finally completed! I've posted some of these pictures before but I wanted to include them all in the same post to see the progression:

1) Russ's 3-D diagram of what the wall would look like, along with a BEFORE picture of the wall.

2) Russ framed out the wall and added plywood over the top so that he would have something to nail the pallet pieces to.

3)Russ also created an in-set for the tv and wired lights in. Who knew he was such a handyman?!

4) We stained the plywood so that if there was any space showing between any of the pallets, it would be dark in color and not obvious that there were gaps.

5) We had found a guy on Craigslist that sold pallet wood, removed from the pallets. That was a great thing to not have to pull pallets apart, and his price was awesome too. We lightly sanded the boards and then stained most of them also. Some boards were a good color to start with but most were not. We mixed together a dark brown color with a gray stain. The ratio of the two colors was different for each of the 3 or 4 batches we did, but the boards blend together really well since the same 2 colors are used throughout. Also seen in this picture are the floating shelves to the sides and the big shelf under the tv.

6) Russ built an access door to be able to get to the tv wires easily, and he also built a frame to sit around the tv. Here is the finished wall. I LOVE it!

Noah and Sophie had parts in the Primary Program mid-November. I wondered if it would be their last, since next year at this time they will both be 12 years old and in young men / young women (insert sad face). I think next year the Primary Program will be earlier in the year though, so maybe they still have one more! 

Abby has become a little more comfortable in dance class. All semester, they have been practicing their "happiest Christmas tree" dance for their recital, and Abby got her hat to try on this day. haha!!

Notice how high up Abby's skirt was pulled. hahahaha!

Noah finished up his season on the i9 basketball league and sadly, his team finished in last place out of the 4 teams in that age group. All season long, we laughed about how Noah was for once not the biggest / tallest player on his team. Noah always gave his effort even if he was the only one on the team doing so. He was fun to watch even if his team didn't win much.

 Whenever Ellie gets a hold of Abby, she dresses her in something random and also styles her hair. So funny!

We had the Hess and Westover families come to town for the week of Thanksgiving and Abby was in Heaven with all those cousins being around! Noah was too - the Westovers stayed with us and Noah had so much fun with George. Here are Abby and Otto walking hand in hand at Grandpa's house..

... and Abby trying on Grandpa's hat.

Thanksgiving Day, we had lunch in Grandma Price's backyard. The weather was perfect and Abby really enjoyed her personal-size pumpkin chiffon pie!

Cousins Annie & Abby :)

Russ after Thanksgiving dinner!

The day after Thanksgiving, we took a trail ride in the Teryx around Grandpa's property and all around it. It was pretty cold outside but we had a good time.

We also built a little bonfire in our backyard that night and ate dinner, made smores, and tried to play a few games (that didn't quite work out haha)!

Davis really loved his marshmallow!

We did our annual bike ride / football game on Saturday after Thanksgiving. Abby didn't really ride in Ellie's basket! 


We really missed Riggs playing in that football game with us but I have no doubt that he was there with us in spirit that day!

Grandma & Poppy played their guessing game with the grandkids where they show their can full of coins and everyone guesses how much is in there. Russ helped Abby guess and whadayaknow, she was the winner! She won somewhere around $55 from Grandma & Poppy. We held out money for her to pay tithing, she is using some to buy her sibling gift exchange present, she got to keep some out to buy herself a toy, and the rest went into her bank account.

That picture above wasn't very cute so we had to take a new one the next day!