Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016

Abby loves having her cute friends over, especially on Thursdays after dance class. They play with babies and pretend they are moms.

One Thursday we had an indoor picnic and I walked in on Audrey, Kozie, and Abby taking turns to give blessings on their lunch.

I came home from running errands one day and Abby was dressed like this... the picture is dark but she has boots on with her summer outfit. And in the background Russ has our back sliding glass door down, ready to install new french doors!

I love when Russ does projects for me and wears his tool belt!

Abby showed us how to write her name and I love this so much! I had to document with a picture, the first time she has ever written her name by herself.

Sunday afternoon: Abby was watching the process of making homemade rolls while Noah and Sophie were working on some indexing.

We took a trip to the river on Labor Day... this is how Abby rides in style:

With Matt and Krysta's family, ready to ride some canoes down the river!

I asked Abby to clean up her toys one day. She was so proud to show me how clean the family room was - and I WAS proud, until I found that she had just thrown everything into the doorway of her room.

Every once in awhile we let Abby sleep with us, at least for a little while until I go to sleep hours after these 2 (haha)! She loves it and honestly Russ and I both love to cuddle her up!

We got to go to the lake with Jared and Shanda and had fun wake surfing. Abby was the best flag girl!

Sweet Abby and her baby in matching jammies!

Abby knows what happens on each day of the week. Monday and Wednesday = preschool. Tuesday = Sophie. Thursday = dance. Friday = Sophie ("sometimes"/every other Friday). Saturday = Dad doesn't go to work. Sunday = church. This picture was taken on a Tuesday at about 10:00 in the morning she was just patiently sitting on the couch and waiting when she said "Mom, why is Sophie taking so long?" I had to tell her that Sophie doesn't come until after dad gets home from work... which meant she still had almost 8 hour of waiting! She loves Sophie so much.

Davis comes over on Wednesdays after preschool and these 2 like to move the table and eat while watching a movie. Their favorite movie over the past few weeks has been "Elf".

Suzanne planned a girls' staycation to celebrate her birthday about a week early. We ate dinner at Stax, shopped at Scottsdale Fashion Square, ate dessert at Sugar Bowl, then spent the night at The AZ Grand resort. We had so much fun together and the twins even got to join us!

The next day, other kids and dads joined us for fun at the hotel waterpark. It was such a fun weekend. Suzanne spoiled us for HER birthday!

H is for Hippo! It was so funny to pick these 2 up from preschool and see them wearing their new hippo hats.

More fun with friends after dance... they were just hanging out in the hallway, "telling ghost stories". 

This was such a sad day... I was extra tired and not in the mood to answer Abby's 100 questions she had been asking me. As we were getting into the car, I told her that I needed her to stop talking for awhile. She is extra sensitive and just sat in the back seat quietly. About 5 minutes later, I looked back and she had tears running down her cheeks. She was silently crying. I was so sad that I had hurt her feelings. As soon as I told her I was sorry, she let the tears really flow and was whimpering the saddest cry. I had to sneak this picture of my sweet tender-hearted girl.

I LOVE wreaths and probably have too many in my house. I love what they look like and what they stand for to me (eternal families). I have had a Magnolia wreath on my wish list for a long time. I had planned to bring one home from the Magnolia Market when we went in January but I just couldn't spend $95 on it and then smash it in my suitcase. The moment I saw that Magnolia was having a 40% off sale, I immediately ordered not one but TWO!! The day they arrived at my doorstep was such a happy day. And just this morning, we hung them on our new french doors. I am in love with them!

I'm currently serving as first counselor in the Young Women's program in my ward. Which means I get to work with the Miamaids (14-15 year olds). We gained a new class member when Kylie Watkins turned 14, so we kidnapped her and took her to dairy queen for a treat. I love these girls and Abby loves when she gets to hang out with them too. We are missing a few class members but shown in this picture is Stephanie Braley, Kylie Watkins, Whitney Goodman, Kennady Redd, Rachael Fowkes, and Kellie Fowkes. 

Noah and Sophie participated in the primary program for their last time this year. They both did a great job and I can't believe they will both be turning 12 and joining the young men and young women programs within the next month!

We had to get a picture including Abby also... and we can't wait to watch her in the primary program NEXT year!

My parents submitted their application to serve a 6-month mission, the morning after my dad was released as bishop of his ward. They were pretty sure that they would be called to serve in the Florida Tallahassee mission since their old stake president is the mission president there and recruited them. Their mission call came so we all showed up looking like Florida vacationers to watch them open it. Sure enough, they will be going to Florida and reporting in November.

Cute cousins Jax and Noah - could pass as brothers.

Auburn snapped this awesome picture of Russ going outside to snorkel! hahaha

Buddies sitting extra close :)

This popped up on my facebook feed to remind me about this awesome memory from 7 years ago. Even though we lost that day, we were winning at the time this picture was taken - 63 to 0. Haha!