Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014

September started off with Labor Day... we didn't have any big plans so we started with a trip to the mall. We thought it would be fun to take the kids on the carousel and to the pet store. Well... Noah was way too old for the carousel and Abby hated it! She cried the whole time (but loves to look at pictures now).

Later that day we went to Stratum so Russ and Noah could play Laser Tag. They had a good time while Abby and I snacked on a cinnamon pretzel in the lobby.

Oh yeah... we also got picture booth pictures when we were at the mall!

We also took one last lake trip (while the weather was hot enough to get in the water) with just these 3 cute kids. Russ and I each got in some good wake-surfing, Noah and Sophie had a blast on the tube, and Abby surfed with dad. She didn't like it, but of course she loves watching the video now that it's over. She also nods her head very proudly if someone asks her, "did you go surfing with dad?" or "did you go tubing with mom?" Also, "boat" is one of her newest words and she loves when she sees one.

 Abby's sleeping habits are hilarious. Not only the position she sleeps in, but how late she sleeps in. If we let her sleep, she'll go until 10-11 am (actually as I'm writing up this blog post on October 1st, she slept in today until 11:40).

I take random shots of my sweet girl that I love even when there's nothing that special about the picture!

 Our cub scout leaders put on a fun pack meeting in September. The boys designed little boats out of foam and then raced them (by blowing on them through a straw) at the "raingutter regata"! They also got to race goldfish afterwards and take one home! Noah knew that the goldfish wouldn't survive at our house, so he let it go that night in a deep puddle of water.

I took these 3 kids to a Dbacks game all by myself. (Stressful!) Russ had gone to his dad's cabin for the weekend to ride dirtbikes with Matt. We had fun and survived! (Ellie, Noah, and Abby)

I let the kids sleep in my bed when Russ was gone and Abby thought she could have it all to herself. I felt like she was pushing me off the side all night long, and this is what I saw when I woke up the next morning. Noah's head was hanging off! I know at one point in the night my head was hanging off just like his. I also had a dream that night about shopping for new mattresses and it must have been because I was so uncomfortable! #QueenAbby

It was a memorable experience to check out the Flag display at Tempe Town Lake. In honor  9/11, there is a flag for every person who lost their life on that day.

Abby being cute during Sunday dinner at Grandma & Poppy's house...

I love watching Abby through the monitor. I was reminded of how she looked as a newborn, so I had to get a picture.

Sophie helping Abby down the slide :)

Sophie showing me how good she is on the monkey bars

Spider swinging!

Noah has been hanging out at Wilson lately to shoot hoops and once in awhile, we join him. The weather is getting a little more tolerable but we've been eaten alive by mosquitos!

Krispy Kreme was giving out a dozen donuts to anyone who dressed as a pirate for #nationaldresslikeapirateday. The kids had just been to Suzy's craft class which was pirate-themed, so we of course had to take advantage! We couldn't even eat all the donuts we got and threw away at least a dozen.

Ready to shop... Abby knew we were about to go to the store so she stood in front of the door and just waited for me to open it for her.

Part of her wanted to go outside, and the other part of her wanted to stay inside and cuddle her blanket next to her face :)

This was an 11am wake up... I went in her room to wake her up but she was already awake and just hanging out with her panda bear without making a sound. She loves pandas!

Celebrating Suzy's birthday at lunch - Abby and Davis were matching so we couldn't resist taking some pictures!

Abby got some new boots and she LOVES them...

Noah started his football season and the game location has a park that is right up Abby's alley. The swings are her favorite.

"Line it all up"!

I was blow drying my hair a few days ago and peeked around the corner into my room to check on Abby. She had found Russ's ipad and helped herself to it. So naughty but so funny!