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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last month of Summer

We took a last-minute trip to California for a weekend (July 6-9)

Our first stop after a long jog / longboard ride / scooter ride was Citi Donuts. Yum!!

Russ & Noah got some much needed haircuts - Noah's was cut by a transvestite!

It's hard to see here but that's Russ in the distance on his long board. I wish it was as easy to exercise outdoors in AZ as it is in CA! We enjoyed this 4-mile route from our hotel to the beach a few times.
My family was staying in Newport for the week so we spent about an hour on the beach with a few of them...


Noah & Jax - they LOVED boogie boarding!

Brad & Danielle

Megan & Matthew's new baby Otto was blessed that weekend, our main reason for the trip. He's the cutest baby boy!

We also enjoyed a dinner at El Torito Grill. The tortillas and honey butter are SO delicious! We couldn't get enough!

Russ and I came home after the weekend and Noah stayed with my family for the week. We missed him a lot but Suzanne kept me updated with pictures of Noah...

We came home after the weekend in California to find some skunks living in our neighborhood. Yuck!! One day it rained really hard and I think they were forced out of the hiding spots they had found for the week. We got some pictures and video footage of the mom and her 4 or 5 or 6 babies following her around! Crazy!

Random - but I love taking pictures of sleepy people!

It was a miracle one Saturday in July when the weather was not actually too bad! We took a bike ride to get a cool treat!


Russ's latest drawings: 
(speaker; balcony; sandwich; tebowing; Russ dreaming of drawing; shower; windmill; Bieber; organ)
I'm still amazed at his skills!

Noah and I had a date-night one weekend and went to see Brave, then to IHOP (random I know), then school shopping. This picture at IHOP was the only one I took but seeing it will always remind me of the things we talked about at dinner that night. He is such a sweet boy on the inside.

Russ took a trip to Mexico with his business partners and friends to go scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. I loved having pictures texted to me throughout his trip because I really miss him while he's gone! Here are the pictures I got...

Lucy turned 2 and had a little birthday party - I still like to claim her as mine sometimes!

The summer has been filled with a lot of slumber parties (mostly with Ellie) and also hitting up different public pools...

Russ took my sisters an I out for a day on the lake last week for some surfing time. Auburn brought her wetsuit to swim in open-water since she is training for a triathlon. It was so much fun - we were dying when we saw a little Cadillac towing a boat as we were leaving the lake that day!

August 3rd - Russ and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary of our first date. What a great day August 3rd 2009 was! On our first date we went to Oregano's and then to F1 Race Factory but when we got to the race track we were too late to do any races. So this year, we re-lived that date and actually got to race. Russ placed 1st and I placed 4th. I was pretty proud of myself. My favorite part of our date was pretending to be on a 1st date again, and asking each other questions as if we didn't know the answers. To hear each other's answers was hilarious!! Russ makes everything fun, I love that he's my husband!

To live up the last weekend of summer before the kids started school - we planned a Sherwood Family lake day. Unfortunately Allise and Scott, Brad and Danielle, and Bryan and Jaxen were not able to make it. The rest of us had a good time at Canyon Lake!

Finally... the last day of summer came. Ellie, Noah and I went swimming and then to Bahama Bucks. It's always bitter sweet to send Noah back to school. It's been fun spending time with him but I seem to keep my life more organized during the school year.

First day of school!!
August 8, 2012