Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Abby's first birthday

Abby turned ONE on Saturday the 3rd of May... notice the 1 on her shirt!

We threw a party for her at Countryside Park and invited the Price and Sherwood families.

Abby wasn't sure about her own cake. She wanted to share it with everyone and didn't actually eat much of it herself.

Just like on Christmas, Abby loved opening up her presents and has been having so much fun with her new toys.

We're missing a few cousins who left before this picture was taken, and Abby's sisters didn't show up - but we had a lot of fun with all of our sweet family members that made Abby's day special.

It was a perfect night for a party, celebrating our perfect little girl! The first year of Abby's life went by way too quick but we enjoyed every second of it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014

At the beginning of April, my mom, sisters, and I were invited to do a mother/daughter photoshoot. Here are some of the pictures. I love them because it's not very often that I get pictures taken with my best friends!







 Sleeping Abby

Dinner with cousins at El Charro...

"Funny Bunny"

Noah has the best 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Odom came to watch one of his baseball games and he loved it!

Abby's first ponytail (11 months)

Abby got to help pick out her birthday present... a baby rocking chair! 

There were other items at HomeGoods that she would have loved also...

 Part of our morning ritual, 3 times a week... is to go jogging. Part of Abby's ritual is to prop her foot up! We end our jog like this almost EVERY time!

'Tis the season for baseball games! We love it.

This is what life is like with Abby... she is always trying to get out of things. She's fallen out of her swing after crawling out, but luckily she hasn't fallen from the high chair.

She got to ride in this part of the grocery cart after somehow standing up and escaping from the strap that I thought would hold her down in the front of the cart!

Noah did a great job presenting his president report on Gerald R. Ford to his class.

The day before Easter, our ward held a breakfast and egg hunt. Sophie and Noah had lots of fun!

Easter morning... we only had these 3 with us this year. The Easter bunny left them swimsuits, some toys, and candy in their baskets.

Before church... they clean up well!

It was fun to watch Abby on her first Easter. She was terrified of the Easter Bunny... but only when it got this close to her.

Roxy was baptized in April! {Cute cousins Ellie, Abby, Roxy, Lucy}

We watched Lucy perform at her first dance recital. She was so cute!

 Abby's 1-year-old pictures turned out so cute!