Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 2014

Summer has been great so far ... hanging with cousins and not having much of a schedule. Abby has loved the extra time spent with Noah and as seen in this picture, Ellie too. She was so proud to have a seat in between the two of them on a booster seat instead of the high chair.

Lazies... this picture was taken around 10:30 in the morning when Noah & Abby were watching Noah's favorite, The Price is Right.

We took a day trip to Canyon Lake with the Davis family and had a fun time...

When the fridge door opens, Abby races to it, then proceeds to do her "job"... which is to take everything out from the bottom shelf and then put it all back in. Every time.

We met up with some cousins at JumpStreet one day... Abby was a little nervous about everything but Noah had a good time!

Noah's baseball coaches threw a really fun "end of the season" party, complete with a game of water baseball which included slip-n-slides.

Cousins supporting Ellie at her first Dive Meet.

Noah attended basketball camp at MHS with 5 other boys from our ward (Garrett, David, Nathan, Stephen, and Charlie).

Father's Day morning, we spoiled Russ with a yummy breakfast and lots of presents. Each of these kids spent their own money to find him gifts (mostly treats) that they knew he would like. Russ has the best bedhead in this picture!

What lucky kids we have to call Russ their dad. He's the best :)

Noah got to represent a "father" during singing time in primary on Father's Day!

We took a trip to Bearizona on Uncle Jim's bus with some of our Riggs family cousins. We had a great time that day, and the bus ride was half the fun!

Abby had the best day of her life at Bearizona. We got to ride on a bus that had no windows and we got up close to many different kinds of animals. Abby would point with her finger and shout "daw daw!!" about all the animals.

The whole bus crew...

Sherwood family field trippers

Abby also loved not being strapped into a carseat on the bus!

Sophie living it up at June's pack meeting / swim BBQ

Pictures from our trip to the Mesa Public Library...

More time for Abby on the booster seat eating Taco Bell with the cool kids :)

Girls Night out started out with pedicures and ended with dinner at Oreganos

Ellie, Roxy, and Lucy had the idea to do a "hair train" at Sunday dinner

I'm not sure if the music was up too loud our what but Abby always keeps us laughing!

Noah finished up session 2 of the MHS basketball camp at the end of June...

(More boys from the ward: Garrett, Nathan, Stephen, Tucker, Noah, and Hayden)

"Matching" pictures of Abby & Davis on the Sunday before Independence Day...

We can't forget about Lucy... she was matching too!

Abby hasn't always loved her little rocking chair like we hoped she would but she's finally starting to appreciate her birthday present 2 months later :)

There was some major road construction happening in Grandma & Poppy's culdesac, so Davis and Abby stood on top of the counter and just watched for a long time!

We celebrated Father's Day with Grandpa Price at the end of the month, since he was out of town on the actual day. We got together at Callie's house and the kids had a great time in the pool.