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Monday, October 5, 2015

September 2015

We started off the month of September preparing for Grandma Riggs's funeral. I got to help at the dressing with my mom, sisters, aunts and cousins. My mom's friends put together the display tables and of course did a great job.

The day after that was her funeral and it was great. Grandma was the best and I loved everything about her funeral and all that was said about her. Noah and Abby sang "Families can be Together Forever" at her funeral along with all of the other great-grandkids. 

Grandma had 10 grandsons (the casket bearers), and 10 granddaughters...
 Last tag kings!
All of the great-grandkids also sang "You are my Sunshine" at the cemetery, with Anna Butler accompanying on her ukelele. It was so sweet! This was one of grandma's favorite songs, and the words were changed a little bit to say "...You'll never know Grandma, how much we love you..."

More pictures from the cemetery...

Our family spent Labor Day weekend at Grandpa Price's cabin. It was perfect weather and we had fun with the Teryx, a quad, and Noah's dirtbike. We spotted lots of deer on our rides and Abby also had lots of fun on the swing.

We took a drive on Sunday to see the Snowflake temple, then we spent a few hours there having a picnic and playing a little guessing game with each other.

I had to capture this picture of Abby... she was watching out the window and waiting for Dad, Kaitlyn, Sophie, and Noah to get back from their ride. She had been asleep when they left but once she woke up, she couldn't wait for her turn to join in on the fun!

If you look hard, you can see Sophie and Noah pushing Abby on the swing in this picture :)

Being able to stay home with Abby is one of the best things that's ever happened to me! I didn't get that luxury when Noah was a baby so I appreciate it every day. I do lose my patience with her once in awhile, but I feel like I am a much better mom to her than I might have been to Noah with all the stress I had in my life at that time. Anyway... Abby entertains me every day. On this particular day, I was working out with my free weights, so Abby went and found hers (that we took home with us from Grandma's care center when we cleaned out her room). She wanted to do what I was doing, but then she saw that I had shoes on and she didn't. So she ran and put on her Minnie Mouse high heels!

A little while later, I took a shower and when I got out, this is how I found Abby:

I told her she couldn't sit up there so she made a comfy little place to sit with her blankies and "panda boos" while she watched tv...

She is such a crack up! This is how I often find her when she's tired... holding her face against her blanket.

This is how I found Abby another day - changing her baby's diaper with HER diapers and wipes! the headband she put around her head made it pretty funny also.

Here she is hiding between the pillows on my bed. She wanted to be left alone and was ticked when I found her. Even more ticked when she saw I was taking a picture!

Here she is mad again. She wanted to just spend some alone time in the cupboard that houses our crock pots and bread machine! I don't know how she even fit inside there but she did and was able to close the cupboard even. It was when I opened the cupboard to see her, that she got mad!

One more funny picture of her... I thought she was downstairs with Sophie this night but as I walked by my bedroom, I saw a little light on. It was the light coming from my old phone. She was laying on her stomach and just surfing the internet. It looks light in this picture since I used the flash, but it was totally dark in that room and she was fine to just hang out in there alone, with the phone.
We spent a lot of time at the Gibbons' house this month, helping to clean up or organize as they got ready to move. Abby loved the time she spent with Roxy! Roxy was pretty creative on ways to keep Abby entertained...

One of the perks of Auburn's house is seeing her pets. Here's Davis and Abby looking at Rudy through the door.

Asleep on Auburn's couch

I took the picture (on the left) of Abby and I thought it looked so much like cousin Otto! I had to look through Megan's instagram account to find a picture of Otto for a side-by-side. I can't believe how much they look like each other!

I'm so excited to have The Soda Shop open, it's a cute little store that sells cookies and mixed sodas. The best part about it, which might become a problem for me... is that it has a drive-through! It was fun to try it out for the first time with my good friend Emily. We got ourselves some treats and then walked down a ways in the same strip-mall to get a pedicure. I love this friend of mine!

Noah decided to join band this year and is now practicing "hot cross buns" (only that song so far) on his saxophone!!

I tried out curling Abby's hair for the first time and had to take pictures just to document how cute it was! It of course was messed up within an hour though.

One night when Sophie was over, we were getting Abby ready for bed. I was ready to sing songs to her to get her ready to be put in her crib. She didn't want me to sing her songs, and instead said to me "I cuddle Sophie" as she walked down the dark hallway and found her way into bed with Sophie. Sophie had already gone to bed and didn't know Abby was sleeping with her. I waited 5-10 minutes to check on Abby, and when I did, this is what I found. It was the sweetest thing! She had her hands wrapped around Sophie's hair. She has slept in that bed every night except once since then (2 weeks ago), even when Kaitlyn and Sophie aren't around. 

Russ was able to take the kids on a canoe-ing adventure at the salt river with Matt, Krysta, and their whole family. I had other plans that day and couldn't attend but I loved that Krysta sent me a picture! Russ said that everyone had a great time.

I am loving the space I have in my house to decorate for holidays, and this was done in mid-September. I think that's the earliest I've ever decorated for Halloween!

Earlier this year, our stake presidency challenged our stake to memorize the proclamation in commemoration of it's 20th anniversary since being read by President Hinckley. We worked on this thing for every family home evening over the course of 9 months. I am so proud to say that we met the challenge and memorized the whole thing in time! Russ, Noah, and I had it completely memorized. Sophie had a lot of it memorized as well. I know that our stake leaders were inspired to issue this challenge because it's such a timely topic and I gained a better testimony about the family and each member's roles and expectations in the family. I love being part of a family and I especially love my role as a mother.

Russ got Abby ready for bed... haha!!! Usually the shirt goes on under the pants but oh well. 

Ellie spent the night and Abby really wanted to sleep next to her. She found her way from my bedroom, downstairs, and up into the chair with Ellie (who was already sleeping). I love that she loves to cuddle!

We went to lunch for Suzanne's birthday and Abby had leftovers, so she got a to-go box. She told everyone that it was "MINE" and that she was going to take it home to eat it with her daddy. She would say "he sit next to me and eat it". Haha! I told Russ about her plans so he made sure to sit down with her when it was time to eat. At one point he got up from the table and someone else tried to sit down, but Abby said "NO! That's daddy's seat!"

This is Abby alseep on the church pew during Sunday School. What's significant about it to me, is that I have never been able to hold her as she naps or deal with her after sacrament meeting, until now. I was called to the primary presidency before I was even pregnant with her, and I was just barely released a few months ago. I am excited to be able to drop her off and pick her up from nursery more often now, and I am counting down the days until I get to sub in nursery with her (this coming Sunday).

Brother and Sister working on washing dishes together :)

It's not a good thing that I am obsessed with soda lately. It's all because I discovered what it tastes like to add coconut flavoring to the soda. I also blame sonic, and the soda shop! It's not my fault at all :)

We enjoyed having the missionaries over for dinner one night...

After 9 months of living in this house, we are FINALLY!!!! working on a tv wall. For a long time, we planned on an entertainment center but recently changed our minds on what we wanted to do with the wall. Russ and I would discuss our ideas and I would tell him that I wasn't sure he was understanding what I had in my head. I'm sure I also wasn't understanding what he had in his head. So he built a little 3-D diagram of what he was picturing, and from there we did a little give and take with what we each wanted. The lined paper in this diagram represents pallet wood...

He got started on the wall but only made it so far in September since he started late in the month. So here is the progress he made during that month. Hopefully in next month's blog post I will have pictures that show a finished wall!