Russ, Shalae, & Kids

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016

Abby having fun at Grandpa's farm

Grandpa Price, Abby, and Dad

Kade & Natalie's reception... so beautiful!

Daddy dancing with Abby & Otto

We saw Abby Runyan at the reception and I had to get a picture of our Abby with our matchmaker Abby! It was the first time that our Abby got to meet the person responsible for setting us up!

Abby at Lehi Days

Noah getting ready to dress a goat with a missionary - at Lehi Days

Abby said "I'm changing my baby's bum bum cuz she stinks" haha

Abby likes to think that she's working out when she sees me doing the same. On this particular day, she ran and put on a pair of my shoes and pretended to do burpees...

 ... then she grabbed my pink belt, which she uses as her jumprope!

We had fun watching Noah play after-school basketball during February and March. He is so good!

Field Day!

Noah did awesome at field day. Besides the participation ribbon, he received 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in the long jump, high jump, hurdles, and the baseball throw.

Abby got to go out with me for her first girls night out! It was a celebration for Ellie's birthday... we went out to eat, shopping, and spent the night at Grandma's house. Abby was so excited to take her "sleeping bag"!

She looked so dang cute!

We ate at Costa Vida - here's Abby being a big girl at the kids' table with Ellie and Lucy - Roxy was there somewhere too!

There was 10 of us stuffed into our suburban (for just a few minutes in the mall parking lot)! Party!

We also hit up Thrifty Ice Cream after shopping. Yum!

Davis was at Grandma's house when we got back there and he wanted to share Abby's ice cream with her!

Cute dancing cousins

Celebrating Russ's birthday... Noah made him breakfast and the kids gave him some presents... including his favorite circus animal cookies!

Ellie and Russ share a birthday which fell during Spring Break, so Noah got to attend a "hang out" for her birthday while Abby and I took cake to Russ's work.

Here's Abby trying to do some more work outs with mom and her pink "jump rope" (mom's belt).

Abby looked so big in her car seat this day...

The night of Russ's birthday, we went shopping at Superstition Springs Mall, so Noah took Abby on the carousel while we were there.

Afterward, we went to Four Seasons Sushi for dinner and Abby tried really hard to use the chopsticks :)

During Spring Break, Grandma Vicki took these kids to see Zootopia! Such a fun grandma.

Auburn and I took these kids to the zoo during one day of Spring Break. We of course had the most fun watching the Orangutans...

Noah went on his first scouting campout to camp Geronimo, as an 11-year old scout. Russ went with him and they had a lot of fun!

Danielle's baby shower... we can't wait for the twins to be born!

Sunday night shenanigans at Grandma & Poppy's house!

Abby pretending to talk to Grandma Vicki and Suzy on the phone.

Abby always has some nice bed head, but this morning was the best of all...

Fun at the park with Kozie

I've been running sprints 1-2 times a week in the church parking lot, and on this day we took Abby's bike. She had so much fun and she rides it so well! As I was running she would shout to me, "you can do it Mommy!"

Abby was pouting in the car - I didn't even know why - but I had to snap some pictures because her face was so hilarious!

Russ and I went on a date and left Abby home with Noah as the babysitter - the first time we've ever done that for an extended period of time. It was extra risky since we went to the temple and can't be reached when we're in there. We came home after 4 hours and the house was clean, Abby was in her pajamas, and both kids were safely asleep. I was so happy and proud of Noah!

Easter morning

Abby was pretty happy about the "matching" cards the Easter bunny left in her basket!

Before church on Easter

After church, we had a little Easter egg hunt at our house. Noah hid eggs in the backyard for Abby, and Russ and I hid eggs inside the house for Noah.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance at Grandma and Poppy's house later that day... Abby was so afraid! I really laughed hard when the Easter Bunny (Roxy) participated in the egg hunt. hahaha

Abby loves to line things up... all in 1 day, she lined these cards up on the table...

... and these rocks up outside.

Little miss spoiled getting her toenails done.

I have a calling in our ward's young women program and was put in charge of decorating for New Beginnings night. Our theme was Dr. Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go" and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and putting it together. Here are some pictures of the room...

We have some awesome young women in our ward... I loved the "press forward" song they sang during the program. That is the theme for the youth this year, so we tied it into our Dr Seuss theme.

Sophie got to come with us and be recognized as one coming into young women's as a new beehive later this year. It is going to be so fun having her in there with us!

Such a cute almost-11-year-old!!

We didn't get this picture until 2 other leaders had already left ... but I love working with these girls! Teri Egan, Amanda Cottle, Natasha Johnson, Whitney Smith, Me, Vanie Lee, and Carlee Raymond

More pictures of Abby and Kozie at the park! This is becoming a regular thing to do after dance class on Thursdays - but only since the weather has been nice. It won't last much longer!

Russ is the best dad. He bathes Abby most night, and is also the one to put her to bed 99% of the time. He sings songs with her and usually falls asleep in bed with her. Their favorite is singing Christmas songs, usually "up on the housetop" among others. Abby loves Christmas music just like her mama (she might love it even more as she is still singing in March).